'We're witnessing a hat-trick of disaster - poor parenting, the impact of lockdown and woke ideology in classrooms' says Patrick Christys

'People have got so used to the state controlling their lives that they’re not taking responsibility for running their own homes or for raising their own kids'


Can you believe that we live in a country where kids are going to school unable to say their own names, use the toilet properly or even hold a cup?

And then on top of that, on top of the fact that they’re basically dribbling toddlers, they then have to be confronted by the LGBTQ+ or the transgender agenda otherwise their school will be marked down by Ofsted.

What are our priorities here? People have got so used to the state controlling their lives that they’re not taking responsibility for running their own homes or for raising their own kids.

‘Why didn’t you put trousers on today before you came to work?’ ‘Well, the government didn’t tell me to and I’m a totally helpless individual so I can think for myself anymore.’ I mean for goodness sake.

I’m sorry, but if a 5-year-old can’t say his own name or use the toilet properly then ultimately it’s the parents’ fault, but I’m also very doubtful about whether or not they can make their mind up about whether they’ve been born into the wrong body.

A report last week in The Telegraph revealed that a lack of teaching of "gender identity" and "gender diversity" played a part in the downgrading of two primary schools in 2019 and 2020 by Ofsted inspectors.

We’re witnessing a hat-trick of disaster - poor or negligent parenting, the devastating impact of lockdowns on early years’ learning, and a frankly absurd overemphasis on woke ideology in classrooms – enabled by messy equalities legislation and something the Education Secretary is currently battling with.

Just look at some of these damning revelations in The Times to boot: "A head teacher from Nottinghamshire said that her school spent little time on literacy or numeracy in reception because it had to focus on basic care.

"Some four and five-year-old children joined reception class unable to say their own names and having drunk only from baby bottles. One child was brought to school in a shopping trolley.’

Another school leader reported that a child had to undergo extensive physiotherapy because they had spent so much time in front of the telly that they didn’t have the strength in their legs to walk around the school.

This may be an extreme example, but as a YouGov poll of teachers by the early years charity Kindred Squared found, nearly half of pupils starting in reception were not deemed ‘ready for school’ in 2020, up from 35 percent the previous year.

The impact on those children whose parents have sent them to school well-equipped to learn must be considerable.

We’re currently facing a financial crisis that was caused largely by the pandemic, but, like anything, there’s a bit of a lag between action and reaction. Between input and output.

We locked up a generation of children, stopped their socialisation, stopped their early-years development. And now we’re witnessing children who can’t say their own name.

We created a nanny state where people don’t have to take responsibility for their own actions, and now we see parents who devolve even the most basic elements of their children’s education to teachers.

And then, when those children get to that school, some of them, as this new report says, brought there in a shopping trolley asking for ‘bot bot’ instead of a drink... they’re forced to learn about gender identity.

What a mad world we live in. What a crazy world. What an upside down world.

When you really think about it: children are our future, and they’re being let down by the adults supposed to looks after them at home, the adults in government and the adults at school.

To be honest, I find it hard to tell who the dribbling, incontinent, brain-dead idiots are. The children, or those who are supposed to be looking after them.

If we’re not careful, we’ll lose an entire generation.