Trans debate with children has gone too far – and Shamima Begum case proves it, says Patrick Christys

When it comes to children, I think the transitioning industry is even more abhorrent and wrong

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Doctors are being paid extra if they put adults on gender changing cross-sex hormone therapy.

But it doesn’t stop there – young children can be put on puberty blockers too and even children with mental disabilities can be allowed to transition with almost no medical or therapeutic pushback whatsoever.

It’s emerged that family doctors in Sussex will be given £178 every year for every adult which they prescribe with hormone smashing drugs.

But all too often it seems as though there is a blind rush to allow people to make a life-changing decision without really questioning whether or not they have a mental illness or disability, or what their upbringing was like.

The testimony of a lady called Sinead who transitioned into manhood aged 21 and then attempted to commit suicide before transitioning back will haunt the corridors of whatever clinic allowed her to make such a drastic decision without any due diligence. Sinead said:

“I was convinced all my problems would disappear when I became a man.

“I’d transitioned and I still hated myself

“Why had no professional tried to stop me?

“When I told doctors at the gender clinic I hated my body and wanted to be a man, they never questioned why. If they had, they might have discovered that my body dysphoria wasn’t the cause of my problems. It was the symptom.”

And this is it – very often people think that the root cause of their unhappiness is that they’ve been born into the wrong body and that if they change their gender then all their problems will melt away.

But it doesn’t work like that. All too often they wake up, find that they’ve had a double mastectomy, had their male genitals removed, and that they’re still miserable. They still have depression.

A long-term study conducted in Sweden followed men who had transitioned to be women for 15 to 20 years after surgery, showed they had a 20-times higher risk of suicide than others matched for age, social class and mental health problems.

People have blood on their hands here – selling a dream to vulnerable people, allowing them to have their bodies mutilated, their hormones rewired, only for them to kill themselves a few years later because their gender was not the root cause of their unhappiness.

But when it comes to children, I think the transitioning industry is even more abhorrent and wrong.

So let’s have this right – Shamima Begum should be allowed to come back to the UK because she was just a 15-year-old child when she was brainwashed by ISIS, she didn’t know what she was doing, she was too young and vulnerable…

But a 10-year-old knows that they’ve been born into the wrong body and they need to stop themselves going through puberty, change their names and build a totally new identity?

No, come on.

But our courts are so afraid of being called anti-trans that they bow down and allow this to happen. Kira Bell, who herself went on puberty blockers as a child and then detransitioned, took the Tavistock Centre to court to prevent it from prescribing this medication to under-16’s. But she lost on appeal.

Psychotherapist Bob Withers explained why so many children, some of them with autism, are being given life-changing medication – He said: psychotherapists risk being struck off if they ask questions about the child’s past. If they don’t blindly affirm a patient’s claim to be transgender, get this, they can be accused of practicing conversion therapy.

So if a child has been abused and may well hate their body because of that, then they can’t explore that possibility. It’s madness.

Withers claims that youngsters often undergo just six sessions to assess whether or not they are trans.

You can understand why some people call it child abuse.