Tories need to unite Brexit and anti-woke wing to oust Boris backstabber Fishy Rishi, says Dan Wootton

The knives are coming out in the Battle to be PM

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The next four days are going to be truly consequential, both for the Conservative Party and the country.

There is increasing pressure tonight for the right to unite for a dream ticket of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch.

It comes after Spartan Brexiteer Suella Braverman, who was knocked out of the vote this afternoon, has tonight backed Truss.

While new favourite Penny Mordaunt and Boris backstabber Fishy Rishi Sunak remain out ahead, that could all change if the Brexit and anti-woke wing of the party come together.

In fact, the biggest jump today came for Truss, with her vote increasing 28 percent. Mordaunt rose 23 percent, Badenoch 22 percent and Sunak only 14.8 percent.

Crucially, the Brexiteer block jumped over 14 percent to 140, which would be enough to guarantee a spot in the final two if the candidates unite.

In a stunning intervention to start the day, former Brexit tsar Lord David Frost – one of the most highly-respected Tories whose endorsement has been highly coveted – swung behind Liz Truss in a bombshell interview where he slammed the ability of Mordaunt…

A friend of Lord Frost went further tonight, telling the Daily Mail: "While Suella, Kemi and Liz are all extremely good candidates on the right of the party, he thinks Liz Truss’s evident determination to put Britain on to a new reforming free-market economic path gives her the edge.

"He thinks it’s time for all three to unite and make sure the members get a candidate who can deliver real economic reform and change."

And tonight Braverman – who was ejected this afternoon before endorsing Truss – told GB News members must get a genuine choice, given Fishy Rishy and Mordaunt are both on the left of the party…

Truss, meanwhile, used her launch today to frame herself as the reforming free-market/low tax/pro-Brexit candidate – and she wisely stood by Boris Johnson and his legacy.

So the next three days will be full of dirty tricks, dodgy dealing and dominant debate performances.

All Tory MPs will be watching to see how their candidates perform on Channel 4 tomorrow night and ITV News on Sunday night, ahead of the next round of voting on Monday afternoon.

If Truss passes those tests with flying colours, the pressure for Badenoch to back her in exchange for a major role in her potential future Cabinet will be overwhelming.

There’s one thing I can assure you tonight: There is still no certainty over who is going to replace Boris Johnson – and that is somewhat terrifying.

But despite the media hysteria behind Sunak and Mordaunt, there’s still a strong chance Truss could win this thing!