To mask or not to mask? Caroline Flint and Tonia Buxton clash over Covid face coverings

"They're used to keep people subservient," argued Tonia Buxton.


On Saturday Morking UK on GB News, Tonia Buxton, Esther McVey and Caroline Flint had a heated discussion about whether masks still had a place in the UK.

Caroline Flint argued that masks should not be ditched immediately, arguing that "we’ve seen over 100,000 people die," and that "want to do it in a way that I keep safe, and I keep other people safe."

However, Tonia Buxton rallied that "I will not be part of mainstream media's big backlash on the British public, frightening them into reducing who we are as people," adding that Britain has "over reacted" in it's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Esther McVey meanwhile claimed that "it’s questionable whether masks help," but said that "people have been scared witless, so I think people will wear masks for a long time to come."

Watch the full clip above.