They say you get the politicians you deserve, I disagree, our politicians don’t deserve us, says Patrick Christys

You used to look around the House of Commons and see heavyweights on both sides, and I’m not just referring to Eric Pickles


I think we deserve a better quality of politician. You used to look around the House of Commons and see heavyweights on both sides, and I’m not just referring to Eric Pickles.

It used to feel like if every member of one political party was eviscerated that we’d be in at least relatively safe hands.

There were elder statesmen who appeared to have at least an element of gravitas – but I just don’t see that anymore.

We’ve got porngate, an MP allegedly scrolling through naughty videos in the Commons chamber. He’s supposed to be giving the opposition a hard time, not himself.

Then we’ve got 56 MPs being investigated for sexual misconduct – that’s nearly 9 percent of our elected politicians.

Then we’ve had claims of the deputy leader of the opposition flashing her legs, and indeed something else, at our Prime Minister during debates, then obviously we’ve got the row about whether or not that was true. The Speaker of the House essentially asking the editor of the Mail on Sunday to forgo his right to a free press…

We’ve had partygate, rumours of Number 11 briefing against Number 10. We’ve got a leader of the opposition who is so dull and ineffective that he could bring a tear to a glass eye. If Keir Starmer recorded his life story and put it Spotify, nobody would be able to tell you what happens after the second chapter because we’d all be fast asleep.

He’s spent the last few months banging on about cheese, wine and cake, calling for criminal prosecutions, taking the moral high ground, and then lo and behold, it emerges that Sir Keir himself may well have broken Covid rules and regs at a big booze up in Hartlepool.

To be fair to Sir Keir, it wouldn’t be the first time someone faced criminal proceedings after drinking too much in Durham.

You look at Labour’s front bench and it’s hardly inspiring is it? Most of them aren’t household names in their own homes and many on the left are now so obsessed with race, gender and sexuality that they can barely talk about anything else.

And the Tories have been ripping themselves apart – how many letters of no confidence have been submitted?

And this sorry state has been a long time coming – successive governments have failed to get to grips with gas, oil and energy issues which has meant we’re all skint now, struggling to pay the bills.

We have hundreds and hundreds of MPs who blindly allowed us to wander into a cycle of lockdowns that crippled the economy and damaged our national mental health.

Claudia Webbe threatened to douse a woman with acid. Unfortunately that was such a serious incident that it completely overshadowed all the incredible work she’s done standing up for the people of Beroos.

I’m sure we all remember when it took years for the people we elect, the people we pay handsomely to do our bidding, it took them years to enforce the result of a democratic referendum. Shocking.

We had a Speaker who rampaged around the Commons smashing phones, bullying, belittling and intimidating people. The dumpy despot, the dinky dictator…although to be fair we could save ourselves a syllable and take the ‘tator’ out of that.

Splashing taxpayer money on expenses left, right and centre, turning our historic parliament into a backstreet Shakespeare tribute act.

It just doesn’t feel to me like we’ve got a good cohort of MPs. And I’m not surprised, it’s becoming an increasingly sleazy industry full of cheap point scoring instead of real societal action. I can understand why many people wouldn’t want that, but it creates a situation whereby the only people who do want it are either idiots or narcissists.

They say you get the politicians you deserve, I disagree, I think many of our politicians don’t deserve us.