There's no place on the balcony for prize royal numpties Meghan and Harry, says Mark Dolan

Harry and Meghan are placed on the bench and it's right that Prince Andrew was shown the red card too

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The queen may be 96 years old but she doesn't pull her punches. And her no-nonsense treatment of Prince Harry, demonstrates our great monarch is alive, and kicking.

It's been revealed the Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will be in the UK for the Queen's Jubilee celebrations, but will not be appearing on the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace for that iconic photograph which can best be described as the world’s greatest selfie.

The omission of the Duke and Duchess is great news for the couple, because it will preserve the privacy, which they crave. Let’s give them more privacy, shall we? Funny how they tweeted this just after the announcement they’d been thrown off the balcony, so to speak.

Ultimately, the Jubilee is a national moment, a state occasion, but it's a family affair too. And it's right and proper that the Sussexs, along with all of the Queens family are there to acknowledge our incredible head of state, and their mother and grandmother.

Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

And notwithstanding her differences with the parents, it’s great news that the queen will be reunited with Harry’s kids Archie, who is now three and baby Lilibet. Perhaps Harry and Meghan can finally ask permission to use the name of Lilibet, which was Prince Philip’s pet name for the Queen. They didn’t ask at the time, but better late than never right? Harry and Meghan are placed on the bench and it's right that Prince Andrew was shown the red card too.

The highly libidinous prince will not appear on the balcony either. You could barely trust him to keep his hands to himself. This is a man whose morals, are looser than Gordon Ramsay's tongue.

I think this is shaping up to be a truly majestic Jubilee celebration, featuring hard-working and loyal Royals like William and Kate, Charles and Camilla and Princess Anne who I adore. In my fantasy Royal family, she’d be our next Queen. Sensible, frugal, down to earth and funny, she’s just like her mum.

All of these figures will rightly take due prominence. Now we're all human, of course, and nobody is perfect, but the Royals that we will see on the balcony, have made a huge contribution to public life, have provided the Queen with steadfast support, particularly since the loss of Phillip, and have done this country proud. But there's no place on the balcony, for prize Royal numpties who’ve done the opposite.

In fact, for the likes of Harry, Megan and Andrew, rather that inviting them, onto that Royal balcony, just to satisfy their own egos, I wonder whether the Queen wouldn’t be better, off sending them to the tower instead. And she can throw away the key.