The US under Joe Biden provides the ultimate warning as to what happens when woke warriors gain control, says Dan Wootton

The balance of this country in officialdom is all wrong at the moment

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For too long, the woke madness infiltrating our political, legal, education and health systems has been dismissed as just another aspect of the so-called culture war.

Rather than a serious threat to what it means to be British.

But a series of eye-opening events, culminating last week in the closure of the dangerous Tavistock gender identity clinic for children, has proven that there must be a serious fightback taken by this government.

Well thank goodness for our brave Attorney General Suella Braverman.

While most of her Cabinet colleagues have gone on holiday as the Tory leadership battle rages on, the woman tipped to be the next Home Secretary has today launched a fully-fledged attack against who she describes as “the witchfinders of the Middle Ages”.

Cases in point the brilliant campaigners Maya Forstater and Allison Bailey who both won legal challenges after being discriminated against for stating realities in the increasingly toxic trans debate.

As Braverman wrote in today’s Daily Mail: “How did we get to the place where stating the facts of biology can get you sacked?”

She also launches a long overdue crackdown on the zealotry of the diversity industry which has become a new religion.

In her department, highly divisive equality training – which I’m convinced actually stokes racial issues in a non-racist country – has been scrapped altogether, after she found out staff had wasted 1,900 hours on the courses in the last year alone where staff are spouted far-left nonsense like: “Not being racist isn’t enough, we must be anti-racist.”

One slide used in the presentation said that is a black person tells you a phrase is offensive to them, then it is, regardless of the facts.

It added: “It is not up to you as a white person to tell them that it’s not. Instead, educate yourself as to why the phrase is offensive and stop using it.”

Braverman fumed: “This does nothing to create solidarity and support but rather keeps emphasising difference, creating a sense of ‘other’ and pitting different groups against each other. Britain needs a lot of things, but it certainly doesn’t need woke commissars policing our thoughts.”

The balance of this country in officialdom is all wrong at the moment.

If you call the police to assist you after a burglary or a mugging, the chances are you are going to get short shrift.

But look at how many officers came to arrest the army veteran Darren Brady who was alleged to have retweeted a picture of a swastika that was made from Pride flags on social media.

So we might not have police to assist in violent crimes committed against you, but, don’t worry, Orwellian-style thought police now patrol Britain’s streets.

How did we get here? Especially under a Conservative government.

The balance must shift in a future Liz Truss administration, ably supported by true anti-woke campaigners like Braverman, rather than the Tory wets like Hancock, Javid and, yes, Sunak who succeeded in ruining much of Boris Johnson’s programme.

Here was Truss at the Conservative party conference before the leadership campaign: “We reject the zero-sum game of identity politics, we reject the illiberalism of cancel-culture, and we reject the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

But scrapping diversity roles and unconscious bias must be just the start in the process of Westminster reclaiming its soul.

The US under Joe Biden provides the ultimate warning as to what happens when woke warriors gain control – we must avoid the same fate.