The police have gone from being institutionally racist to being institutionally woke, Mark Dolan says

They have gone from good cop to bad cop to no cop

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Great news for criminals – according to the Telegraph newspaper.

Police detectives are investigating rapes and murders from home, including in areas with some of the worst crime rates in the country. Several forces now have official "hybrid working" policies which allow officers to carry out inquiries without leaving their homes.

Yes, the country is in the grip of a crime wave, with stabbings, burglaries and sexual assaults on the increase in our major cities, but hey, there are pressing issues at home too. The dog isn't going to walk himself, that banana bread isn't going to bake itself, and let's not forget the importance of catching up on episodes of CSI and Law and Order, all name of research of course.

We are, in my view, seeing a crisis in the public sector, in which civil servants, often known as the blob don't want to deliver government policy, because they don’t agree with it, or are just too lazy to turn up to the office to actually do it.

We've got woke teachers who want to preach rather than teach, offering a divisive vision of history that casts Britain as the bad guy.

We've got universities that want to brainwash youngsters into thinking Brexit is the worst thing ever and there are about 100 different genders by which you can identify.

The DVLA don't want to issue drivers licenses, the passport office can barely be arsed to send you a replacement passport. The passport office, pass the buck and blame Covid, of course.

We've got an NHS, in which the people who work in it are fantastic, doctors nurses, porters, cleaners, cooks, but an organisation that decided to stop treating people for two years because if it wasn't Covid, they didn't care. Even now the NHS is operating at reduced capacity because of its obsession with the virus which is now milder than a night out with Alan Titchmarsh. And in fact the smile free campaign are seeking signatories to an open letter, asking the NHS to get rid of face masks in a medical setting, given that their effectiveness is debatable at best and which many top medics argue is impairing patient treatment and care. Who knew that those filthy rags could actually make you sicker.

And last but not least we have a police force that doesn't want to police.

Adding insult to injury, Andy Cook, the new chief inspector of Constabulary suggested the police should use discretion when deciding whether to prosecute shoplifters, amid the cost of living squeeze. A police force that doesn’t want to police and for whom crimes are no longer a crime. And how can working from home be a good idea for our law enforcement? Shall you tell them or shall I that criminals – burglars, muggers and violent offenders - don't work from home. They are out and about. And they need to be caught.

I have always believed our cops to be the best in the world and that is still my view, but the culture of our police forces leaves a lot to be desired.

There is no tough love anymore.

The police have gone soft.

It’s all good cop good cop, when what this country really needs, is a healthy dose, of bad cop bad cop.

The police have gone from being institutionally racist, which was a horrific disgrace, to being institutionally woke. Taking the knee for divisive political organisations like Black Lives Matter, who we discovered this week have given millions to family members and cronies, dancing with extinction rebellion campaigners - during the pandemic by the way – and asking insulate Britain numpties whether they're okay or would like a cup of tea or something to eat, as they risk lives by gluing themselves to the motorway. And I believe that the police brought themselves into the greatest disrepute in the course of this pandemic, when they overinterpreted the nonsensical measures. Apprehending someone for queueing up at an outdoor farmers market, and going after a woman sat on her own, on a bench at the seaside drinking a coffee.

We saw dawn raids on gyms where people were trying to be healthy and the owners of a greeting card shop in Wales who were apparently a greater threat to public safety than the Taliban. And there was the pathetic spectacle of masked officers pursuing people in supermarkets, who were well within their rights to opt out of wearing a face covering. Some particularly thick officers didn't get the memo that you didn't have to wear a mask, if you were exempt and that seeking evidence of exemption is not only not required, but is viewed by some lawyers as harassment.

We also saw transport police chucking maskless commuters off trains and buses. One such video inspired me to chop up a mask on national radio to call out this madness.

History has been kind to me.

Yes the law is an ass, but when enforcing these measures, cops were often talking out of their backside as well.

To add insult to injury, the Met police force in London has spent half a million pounds investing investigating Partygate – an eye-watering waste of money and police time.

London is fast becoming the stab capital of Europe, but London cops seem more focused on the number of minutes Boris Johnson was in the presence of a birthday cake. Still Boris has the last laugh there. With no further fines to come, he’s home and hosed, whilst Beergate hypocrite Starmer still has a case to answer.

So we need Bobbies back on the beat and back in police stations. Anything else sets a dangerous precedent.

Who else in the public sector is going to start working from home? Ambulance drivers? Brain surgeons? The Fire Brigade? Privileged state employees, with a job for life and gold-plated pensions are now taking the p*** of the British public. Those in the private sector work for businesses that have to deliver a profit and a great product for their very survival and whether they work from home or not is a decision made by their employers, in many cases bosses have decided that work from home just doesn't work.

Even the Bank of England asleep at the wheel as inflation spiralled, are having their meetings about whether to raise interest rates on zoom. How nice for the Bank of England to have a work/life balance too, including their boss who has allowed inflation to explode on his watch, due to inaccurate modelling – does that remind you of anything - whilst nicely taking home over half a million pounds a year in income.

All whilst hard working Brits have serious doubts about how they can continue heating their homes and feeding their kids.

We've all got a stake in the recovery of this country and we can all make our contribution.

Whatever the industry, it's time for everyone to put a shift in. And that's the least we can ask of our police forces, whose job is a particularly important one - to ensure our safety.

At the moment we’ve just got law and disorder. And our cops need to ditch the woke stuff, like so-called inclusive rainbow cars, and worse still, rainbow helmets.

And don't get me started on their pursuit of so-called hate crimes, in which officers are more interested in policing tweets, than the streets. You tell me what's worse, something unkind written about you on Facebook, or being mugged at knifepoint for your wallet or phone.

With this desire to work from home, the police have gone from good cop, to bad cop, to no cop. They have opted for the right to remain silent, on real crimes.

Much as I love the British police, at the moment, they’re not much cop at all.