The only people who should be governing the country are the Government, the clues in the name, says Mark Dolan

Mark my words, Britain faces a crisis of confidence, in its public sector


Mark my words, Britain faces a crisis of confidence, in its public sector. Rail unions, medical unions and god knows, how many other public sector industries, are holding the country to ransom, threatening strikes over pay rises, that our wrecked economy, cannot afford.

And it was of course, so many in the public sector, who wanted lockdowns and other Covid measures, which have led us, to where we are today.

The cost of living, is the cost of lockdown. And it’s the biggest “I told you so” in history. And don’t forget, teaching unions, were behind the push, to close SCHOOLS, during the pandemic, something now widely accepted, as a colossal mistake, producing, a generation, of damaged kids.

And many other unions, pushed for workplace, closures, and ridiculous Covid protocols.

JOBS-worth, bonkers, safety-ism, was rife. Not satisfied, with guiding the Covid strategy, the trade unions, now look to be in the driving seat, when it comes to our, pay, strategy.

Mark Dolan has given his take on the current state of the civil service.
Mark Dolan has given his take on the current state of the civil service.

Now I’m a great believer, in trade unions, without whom, we would be living, in Dickensian Britain. Everyone deserves a great wage, for a great day’s work.

The millions of hard working people we have, are the real aristocracy, of this great nation. And the unions, are doing their job, standing up for their workers, many of whom, are having a very tough time.

But read the room folks, the country’s skint, and pay rises, from PRINTED money, will stoke inflation, which is already, nuking the economy.

More spending, will simply pour petrol on the flames. And more borrowing, or even more tax rises, just aren’t an option. Our economy, would go from sinking, to sunk.

At this time of economic pain Margaret Thatcher would have faced the unions down, as she did in the early 80s, following the winter of discontent, when everyone, AND their mum, was on strike.

Don’t forget, they weren’t even burying, the bodies of the dead. But beleaguered, partied-out Prime Minister Boris Johnson may not have the stomach, for the battle.

Don't forget, he failed to face down those prophets of doom, Whitty and Vallance, and SAGE, over lockdowns. So I won't hold my breath.

Meanwhile, the civil service union, are also threatening to go on strike, over planned cuts. I'm not sure we’ll notice much of a difference, after so many have been, in inverted commas, working from home, feeding their addiction to daytime tv, baking banana bread and cracking open the first bottle of San Miguel at 5pm, as they peruse their last emails of the day.

And how about the NHS, who you would think, are concerned, about a potential waiting list, of 12 million people, but are too busy rewriting writing the biology textbooks, making a webpage on ovarian cancer, wait for it, gender-free.

With no mention of the word 'women'. Instead they state “anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer”. Yes, and anyone with money can go private.

This madness is on top of health bosses, calling women birthing people, and replacing the term breast feeding, with CHEST feeding.

What a bunch of tits. What sticks in the craw, with the NHS and this highly politicised, divisive nonsense, which cancels women, is that YOU are paying for it.

God help you, if you’re treated by an NHS doctor, that can’t tell the difference, between a man and a woman. Good luck, when he or she, takes out your kidney.

I say “he” or “she” - it's probably they/them. Which brings me to the Rwanda issue. Now the policy of processing the applications, of illegal migrants crossing the channel in Rwanda, may not be everyone's cup of tea.

I haven’t a clue, if it will work. I’m not sure the government do either. But ultimately something has to be done.

The law is being broken, people forget that – the crossings are illegal – and this is a humanitarian crisis, with thousands of people risking their lives, as they make the perilous crossing, from France.

By doing nothing, we are effectively supporting an evil business model, in which people traffickers, effectively modern day slavers, take thousands of pounds, from desperate people, on the promise of a new life in Britain.

Many of these people may be in a terrible situation and it's devastating. But they are in France, a safe country. Though anyone seeking to flee France, does have my sympathies.

So whilst the unions are dictating to the government over pay, gender ideologues, are running the NHS, woke campaigners, appear to be running, the Home Office.

The Mail report that Home Office civil servants, opposing migrant deportations to Rwanda, have put up posters, comparing Paddington Bear to an illegal immigrant - as they 'refuse to work on policy'.

They have also posted 'refugees welcome', stickers around offices. Meanwhile an anonymous 'Our Home Office' account launched its campaign last month, with a note, said to have been posted, on an official noticeboard, which reads: 'We have the spine to say, ''no minister''. The account, which uses an orange heart for its profile picture, comes amid claims, some staff are threatening a mutiny over the Rwanda policy - despite political impartiality, being a legal requirement, for civil servants.

Two questions I would put to them, what other ideas do you have, to smash this criminal and devastating business model?

And two, why do you have an opinion? You are a civil servant, a paid employee of the state, whose job it is, to execute the policy, of the democratically, elected government.

Boris Johnson failed to face down prophets of doom says Mark Dolan.
Boris Johnson failed to face down prophets of doom says Mark Dolan.

If Jeremy Corbyn, wants to come in and nationalise everything, if he's won an election, good luck to him.

If a Tory gets in, and wants to privatise everything, ditto.

That's how democracy works. And for these paid government employees, often with jobs for life and gold plated pensions, and many of whom can't be bothered to go back to IN the office, this is surely against the terms, of their employment contract.

These public servants, have gone AWOL. Who voted for the NHS, to erase female biology, and spend millions on diversity officers, for an organisation, that is possibly, the most diverse on Earth?

Who voted for civil servants, to thwart the government’s border policy? Policing our borders properly, was in the Tory manifesto, which produced the biggest Tory landslide victory, since the 80s.

If civil servants want to be political, no problem. Go into politics. But until then, your job, is to execute government policy.

If it's government policy, to wear yellow underpants on a Tuesday, you need to crack on and make it happen. I like yellow underpants, very slimming.

Our public sector, is no longer in public hands. Large numbers of state employees, are an ideological cabal, of political campaigners, who are seeking to change, society, from within.

The problem is, no election can get rid of them, in the way we CAN get rid of MPs, and governments.

If people in the public sector, want to be political, no problem. Enter politics. But don’t take the state dollar, if you can't play by the rules.

The political opinions of a civil servant, should be as ambiguous as those of Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, or Scooby Doo.

But when I look at what's happening to our public institutions, I think yikes. These people are scarier, than the school caretaker.

So who runs Britain? At the moment, it's the unions, the public sector and woke, unaccountable corporations. It’s clear to me, that the only people who SHOULD be governing the country are the GOVERNMENT. The clue’s in the name.