The Government should announce plans to frack, frack, frack, says Dan Wootton

'We must ignore the propaganda from Russian interests and green extremists who want to take us back to pre-Victorian times', says Dan


The countdown is on.

Tomorrow the government will announce its long-awaited energy independence strategy, which has come into sharp focus given Europe’s reliance on Russian oil and gas.

And there is absolutely no reason why we should not: Frack, frack, frack!

Remember who it was who spent years sharing conspiracy theories about fracking, otherwise known as shale gas extraction?

Just Stop Oil activists posted a video of themselves online.
Just Stop Oil activists posted a video of themselves online.

Vladimir Putin’s propaganda channel RT, backed up by the sorts of eco extremists who would rather have Brits shivering in their home, even though the UK is responsible for less than one per cent of the world’s carbon emissions.

That innocent time where the red carpet was rolled out for the odd little Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg at Westminster and the police danced with Extinction Rebellion protesters is ancient history.

As I said at the time, that approach, favoured by the London liberal elite and First Class flying champagne socialists like Emma Thompson, was grossly naïve and actually highly irresponsible.

It emboldened and distorted the world view of extremists like Just Stop Oil's couple from hell Amy and Ben, who in grimy-faced dispatches have been dumbfounded as to why more people aren't rushing to tunnel under oil pipes, just like they have been doing for five days at the Navigator Terminal in Essex.

Just Stop Oil activist.
Just Stop Oil activist.

So, after years of public permissiveness of eco disruption, we’re playing catch up now and there isn’t a moment to wait, given the increasing cost of living crisis.

The much trumpeted but completely hysterical fears over the earthquake risk from fracking is actually no worse than coal mining and can be mitigated, a government review will be told, according to today’s Daily Telegraph.

Professor Richard Davies a petroleum geologist and pro-vice chancellor at Newcastle University, told the newspaper earthquakes from fracking are unlikely to provide a risk, saying…

“We lived with them without much concern during the coal mining era. During coal production, vast numbers of earthquakes were created in the UK right until the 1980s and the coal miners’ strike. Effectively Margaret Thatcher stopped the earthquakes, and they were never very big. It’s the same set of rocks. The risk of seismicity is high, but the impact is low.”

Back in 2019 the government put a temporary ban on fracking as part of his self-destructive green agenda, with plans in place to seal two of the country's only viable shale gas wells.

But as I always say, if you go woke you go broke, because according to experts just ten per cent of our fracking resource would make the UK self-sufficient in natural gas for 50 years.

A fracking strategy would also create tens of thousands of jobs.

Sure, it will take some time and not impact energy prices in the short-term, but it is an answer as we balance new nuclear power plants and the move towards wind and solar energy, both of which will take even longer.

Fracking is used widely and very safely in the US.

We must ignore the propaganda from Russian interests and green extremists who want to take us back to pre-Victorian times.

The government tomorrow should announce plans to: Frack, frack, frack!