The British political and media class' appetite to kick out a Tory PM clearly isn't over, says Darren Grimes

The sneering snarls of the establishment have their sights firmly set on a no-confidence vote in Leeds lass Liz.

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Summer is over, but the appetite of Britain’s political and media class to kick out a Tory Prime Minister clearly isn’t.

Fresh from their successful bid to boot out Boris over lockdown birthday cake in some Number 10 tupperware, the sneering snarls of the establishment have their sights firmly set on a no-confidence vote in Leeds lass Liz.

In admitting she’s willing to be unpopular, Liz Truss has offered Britain some sound economics.

These radical reforms stand against orthodoxy, but many of the best things do. Just look at all they tried to do to deny us of our vote for British independence via Brexit.

I'll tell you what this economic hiccup is all about; it’s not about that mini-budget. It’s about printing money, the lockdowns that all the media called for to be longer and harder, the war in Ukraine and the fact that Greta Thunberg is writing Britain’s public policy, stripping away our energy independence in our pursuit of Net Stupid.

Why should we listen to these so-called experts? These faceless organisations with an acronym that was wrong on Brexit and are wrong again now? I mean, take the Bank of England; if pension funds are in positions of needing bailouts, shouldn’t they have clocked something was wrong before now? Shouldn’t they have clocked the financial crash? Take the most recent predictions of a recession;

"Bank of England says Britain in recession as it raises interest rates by 0.5 percentage points"

We’re not in one. They’re not the Bank of England; they’re the Bank of Alarm and Despond – is it any wonder the Government doubts their predictions?

And the IMF warned of no growth during David Cameron’s time in Number 10; Britain went on to experience twice the growth rate projected and was the fastest growing economy in the developed world. They’re less Nostradamus and more Mystic Meg.

These technocrats may have been undergraduates at Oxbridge, but it looks to me like they did their doctorates at the Diane Abbott School of Economics.

And speaking of Labour, I say to those pro-Labour pundits in the press, if you think Liz Truss is reckless with the economy and her plan doesn’t stack up fiscally, yet you voted and campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn, then I’m afraid I’ve no time for your view given all that Marxist maniac would’ve unleashed.

We don’t need the likes of former Bank of England governor Mark Carney, who saw the Bank prioritise climate, inequality, and diversity and inclusion agendas, politicising the Bank’s role to protect our pound and pence.

This unelected cabal of global elites quite like the cosy consensus of EU-style higher taxes and lower growth. We should all be alarmed by the sheer power of international finance opportunists and their ability to overturn His Majesty’s government's economic policy.

It’s about time we stopped allowing our mainstream media to think they’re the ones that call the shots; it’s up to all of us, not them, if Liz Truss and her reforms are what we want in two years time.

Ultimately folks, if you ask me, if Liz Truss can ride out this storm, see Britain reap the rewards of post-Brexit competitive taxes and reforms, and be given a chance to make a case for those things, then she’ll likely see electoral dividends.

Stand firm for the likes of Darlington and Dagenham, not those making use of annual visits to Davos via private jets and chauffeur-driven motors.