The Brexit despising liberal elite have failed to depose a Prime Minister elected in a landslide, says Dan Wootton

The Boris hating - Brexit despising liberal elite have failed in their quest to depose a Prime Minister elected in a landslide just three years ago


So the fightback begun today – but it needs to get stronger and louder.

The Boris hating - Brexit despising liberal elite have failed in their quest to depose a Prime Minister elected in a landslide just three years ago.

And now some of Boris Johnson’s allies have rightly started to target the media organisations in this country who have been quite clearly in the tank for the Labour/SNP/Lib Dem/Green coalition.

First up, the Boris Bashing Corporation, otherwise known as the BBC.

Lee Anderson wasn’t having any of it when their clearly biased presenter Geeta Guru-Murthy made a string of claims about Boris Johnson during this live encounter at 10.07am.

And he is right.

The BBC – along with the equally biased Sky News, ITV News and Channel 4 News – have spent seven months telling their millions of viewers that the most important story in the world is whether Boris Johnson was presented with a birthday cake in 2020.

Boris Johnson narrowly won his confidence vote.
Boris Johnson narrowly won his confidence vote.

But when Slippery Starmer – their beloved Labour leader – was caught red handed breaking lockdown rules far more egregiously, they decided to ignore it.

Lee wasn’t the only Tory MP fighting back though.

Look at this delicious moment from the BBC’s left-wing show Newsnight last night when Tory MP Adam Holloway confronted the presenter Mark Urban about the programme’s bias live on air.

The left-wing humiliation didn’t end there though.

Do you remember the outrage and mockery last night when the Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said Volodimir Zelenskyy would be “punching the air” at the vote of confidence in Boris Johnson.

The Guido Fawkes website pulled together the best, which include…

Scotland Editor of The Spectator Alex Massie who tweeted:

Dan Wootton slams the 'campaigning' BBC.
Dan Wootton slams the 'campaigning' BBC.

The Zelenskyy wants Boris to stay stuff as peddled by Zahawi on Sky now is utterly contemptible. Utterly loathsome.

Times columnist Harry Wallop tweeted:

“What do you think President Zelenskyy is doing tonight? He’s punching the air because his great ally Boris Johnson has won. Desperate, desperate stuff from Nadhim Zahawi.

The idea that Zelenskyy – on a day when bombs have started raining down once again on Kyiv – has given a moment’s thought to Boris Johnson surviving a vote by a narrow margin is fanciful stuff.”

Daily Mirror Deputy Political Editor Ben Glaze sneered:

Yep, the President of a country literally fighting an existential war against a nuclear-armed invader is hanging on for the result of the Tory #NoConfidenceVote . Presumably now Boris is safe for the night, Zelenskyy is gonna switch over for Love Island.

Well, you’re all wrong actually. Zelenskyy was punching the air and acknowledged as much during his intervention today.

Boris, meanwhile, tried to reset at the start of today’s Cabinet meeting.

But it’s going to need much more than rhetoric to save this government now.

He must return to core conservative policies, especially when it comes to tax.

As Lord Frost said: “If the PM is to save his premiership and his government he should now take a different course – bring taxes down straight away to tackle the cost of living crisis, take on public service reform, and establish an affordable and reliable energy policy for the long term.”

I’m well aware Boris has been far from perfect, but he didn’t really have a hope of success with the campaigning BBC and most of the rest of the mainstream media out to get him, did he?