Stop indoctrinating children with weird stuff, leave our kids alone, let kids be kids, says Patrick Christys

Patrick Christys
Patrick Christys

This is part of a bigger picture of child interference as far as I’m concerned


Let kids be kids. Leave our kids alone.

I was confronted by an article over the weekend that said children as young as three-months-old can be racist.

Islington Council, yes, it had to be Islington didn’t it? London's Islington Council produced a poster that basically insinuated that babies are racially biased.

This is ridiculous. Children of that age are basically like me on a Saturday night – unable to talk or walk, incontinent and incapable of independent thought. By definition they cannot be racist.

If they do happen to gravitate towards people who happen to have the same skin colour as their primary caregiver, then that is a natural, human thing. It’s basic recognition, it’s not an indication that we’re raising a bunch of tiny Adolfs.

I imagine the Left get themselves tied up in knots here because presumably this applies to all children and not just those who happen to be white. So…ethnic minority children are racially biased too then? Surely they can’t have that.

But this is part of a bigger picture of child interference as far as I’m concerned. Are children transphobic? Or homophobic? No, I don’t think they are. And yet we have a situation where an A-level student is hounded out of school and called a heretic for daring to question transgender ideology. I.e. that women are women, they don’t have a penis and that’s that. It should hardly be considered radical stuff, and yet it is.

In Wales, children as young as three are set to be taught about sexual attraction. As far as I’m concerned that’s perverted and bordering on child abuse. Leave them alone.

I wouldn’t tolerate it anyway but it would be marginally more palatable if the person teaching my three year old about gender and sexual orientation was a trained professional, but it’s not, it’s Gladys from the geography department. What the heck does she know?

And then when I go into school and complain about some random middle aged failed weatherwoman confusing the living heck out of my young I’m transphobic…alright then, that’s a cross I’ll happily bear because this is utter, utter madness and I’m not the weird one in that scenario.

Kids are being indoctrinated with this net zero, big green agenda. The pin-up of which appears to be Prince Harry – a man who took a private jet to an environmentalist retreat, and another private jet home from a charity polo match.

If politicians and teachers really cared about kids they’d be doing more to stop grooming gangs, which clearly exist in pretty much every single town and city in the UK. But what happens when someone speaks out about it? Well Labour MP Sarah Champion found out that you basically get cancelled by your own political party.

If we really cared about improving the quality of life for children we’d allow scholarships for working class white boys – consistently the worst performing demographic of children in our education system. But the opposite happens.

Two leading private schools, Dulwich College and Winchester College refused to accept donations of up to £1m to help give working class white lads a leg up. But Stormzy and co can give whatever they like towards scholarships for ethnic minorities – as indeed they should, I think that’s a great thing. I’m just saying that it has to be able to work the other way around as well.

We’ve got a situation where teachers are hiring drag acts, or a person dressed in a rainbow coloured monkey costume with a visibly exposed penis – if you don’t believe me you can google that, just probably don’t do it on a work laptop – to entertain young children.

Can we just stop it? Can we just not do this stuff to kids? Stop banging on about child racism, child transphobia. Stop indoctrinating them with weird stuff.

I’ll finish how I started – leave our kids alone. Let kids be kids.