Rwanda immigration plan is first step in taking back our borders, says Patrick Christys

So, it’s good news and bad news when it comes to the Rwanda plan


The Court of Appeal has ruled that the deportation flight scheduled to take place tomorrow can go ahead.

This sounds like a good decision. But it’s actually a bit pathetic. 37 people were supposed to be on the flight, now that’s down to just eight people.

You know what’s going to happen don’t you? You can see it now can’t you? All these groups like Amnesty International or Care4Calais may well turn up to the runway and chain themselves to the wheels.

We’ve had cases before where these kind of groups have stopped deportation flights and then subsequently found out that the people on those flights were murderers and rapists.

Patrick Christys says there is good news and bad news regarding the Rwanda migrant plan.
Patrick Christys says there is good news and bad news regarding the Rwanda migrant plan.

Of course, they’d be more than happy for those people to live next door to you but they probably wouldn’t want them sharing a spare room at their house would they?

We have a democratically-elected government with a massive majority, a majority Brexit-backing nation where, apart from the great unwashed blue-hair brigade in Peckham or the bleeding heart faux liberals of Hampstead, would all like something done about illegal immigration.

They, during a cost of living crisis, don’t want to have to pay even more tax to house millions of illegal immigrants, many of them, I imagine, are treated better than some people who’ve been born and raised here.

I actually wonder whether or not some people living in abject poverty in squalid mould-infested council flats in this country would rather be given the option to go to Rwanda!

New footage of the accommodation shows there is Arabic signage, a table of amenities in the bedroom, all double rooms, a prayer room and halal food.

Boris Johnson has been looking at ways to tackle the UK's migrant issues.
Boris Johnson has been looking at ways to tackle the UK's migrant issues.

Goodness me, if I was fleeing war or torture I’d kill for something like that.

I think the majority of the media outlets are giving too much air time to a very loud fringe minority of people.

It’s mob rule, it’s weak policing. We had a situation in Scotland where those due for deportation were released because hundreds of people came out to protest. Something similar has just happened in Peckham.

We saw outside Batley Grammar School, again a group of angry male Muslim protesters managed to get a teacher out of a job.

It took us too long to get to grips with Insulate Britain, or Insulate Prison as I like to call them.

People were left with life-changing injuries as a result of that.

And now we’ve got a country that is desperate to get to grips with illegal immigration but a few people from Islington think this is a terrible idea, we don’t do it.

Both the media, and people’s idiocy is to blame for this.

Pretty much every single other media outlet takes a blanket view on asylum seekers or illegal immigrants…that they’re all desperate and vulnerable.

That simply isn’t true. The vast majority, in my opinion, are economic migrants. And that should change the narrative on this. That changes everything.

If someone knocked on your front door now and asked to come in, but refused to tell you who they were, where they’re from or what their intentions are…you wouldn’t let them in would you. In fact, you’d ask them to leave. So what’s wrong with our government trying to do the same?