Rishi Sunak’s politically expensive decision to re-appoint Suella Braverman is a price worth paying, says Mark Dolan

This year, we've been through more rime ministers than James Corden's been through Krispy Kreme doughnuts


This year, we've been through more prime ministers, than James Corden's been through Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but I think THIS guy may be a keeper.

Following a commanding and confident performance, at Prime Minister's questions, after just one day in the job, this man with a plan, is nudging the Tories away from electoral oblivion, with not just a six point poll reversal, which I’ll grant you is a drop in the ocean, but with a shock new, voter survey, which reveals the public have Rishi Sunak, ahead of Keir Starmer, in terms of who would make the best prime minister.

Labour are still streets ahead, but old Sunak, now has two years, to audition for the big job. If he strengthens our borders, ends those boat crossings in the channel, gets rid of the Northern Ireland protocol, which divides our country down the irish sea, legislates against the woke politically correct madness, that's infiltrating schools, universities and other public institutions, if he can tackle inflation and set Britain, on a long-term, sustainable path to recovery, if he can help the most vulnerable in our society through what's going to be, a real winter of discontent, and if he can police the streets and boost our defence, then he won't just make GROUND on labour, he will blitz them, at the next election. Whatever your political colour, in the end, we all need this man to succeed. We're in a national economic emergency, facing a potential existential threat to our status, as a pre-eminent global force. It's make or break, sink or swim, do or die.

Well Sunak, has already started doing. Sensibly delaying the budget statement, until mid November, when spending commitments and rates of taxation, can be predicated on more up-to-date and reliable data. But his presence, has already been felt. He already cuts a figure, as a steady hand at the tiller and the financial markets, would appear to agree. The pound has recovered handsomely and the cost of government borrowing, has fallen.

Rishi Sunak may be a keeper, says Mark Dolan
Rishi Sunak may be a keeper, says Mark Dolan

And there's more good news to come, which is that inflation may have peaked and should come down in the months ahead, which means interest rates, will likely, not reach the cricket score figures, we once feared. They too may well, in time, come down again. And with tumbling gas prices, that government commitment to subsidise everyone's heating bills, will hopefully cost a fraction, of what was once first feared. It's going to be a torrid year or two.

No one is denying that, but there's been a flavour of optimism, since old Sunak arrived at number 10. A decent communicator, and someone that looks like they're willing to grasp, the nettle, of all the important issues, facing this country.

The Telegraph report Sunak, is going to fight political correctness, by introducing laws that protect the status of biological women and female only spaces, and enforce the legal primacy of biology over gender.

As well as clamping down, on bonkers and inappropriate, so-called sex education classes for our youngsters.

And his decision, to reappoint Suella Braverman as Home Secretary, whilst politically expensive for him, is a price worth paying.

Yes, she’s leakier than a Leicester City full back, but she's been serious about tackling illegal migration to this country, which is a humanitarian, economic and national security disaster.

Sunak has shown courage, by reinstalling her, just six days after she was fired. Those figures in the media, so keen to hound her out of office, are the same people who are happy to see 1000 people a day descend on our shores illegally, placing those with a genuine case for asylum, at the back of the queue. Don't forget, the daily Mail reported that this summer, 40% of those crossing were from Albania. This is a country that hasn't had military conflict, for a quarter of a century. It's more peaceful, than the Isle of bloody Wight. It seems Rishi has a plan, as the Telegraph report, he seeks an ambitious new migrant deal with France.

He knows he will be judged on this, in two years time. So by bringing back Braverman”, Sunak is clearly serious about tackling the migrant crossings, he's serious about tackling inflation, he's serious about tackling hard left, woke ideology, he's serious about the job at hand. He's a serious man, for serious times. And he's annoying, all the right people, like the Labour MP Nadia Whittombe, who's said, his arrival at number 10 is not a win for Asian representation.

This hot on the heels of labour MP Rupa Huq of course, saying our talented and deeply underrated, ex-chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is only superficially black.

Is Rishi Sunak, only superficially Asian? You'll have to ask the Labour Party. Do they have a problem, with people of colour, having conservative views? Do they have a problem, with a British-Asian man being rich? And making something of his life? You tell me. Meanwhile in America, the television comedian Trevor Noah, caused a storm, in a rant about some perceived, backlash against Sunak becoming prime minister, of this country. Because of his background.

Really? Backlash? I read all the papers, every day, and I live on Twitter, I must've missed it. Now there is racism in this country. It's the most evil stain, on humanity, and there are bigots amongst us. But did you identify, any racial element, to criticism of Rishi Sunak? This is the view of his colleague, and another Conservative MP of colour – they're so diverse, these tories - the brilliant Sajid Javid who tweeted this, about the comedy sketch.

“Simply wrong. A narrative catered to his audience, at a cost of being completely detached from reality. Britain is the most successful multiracial democracy on earth and I’m proud of this historic achievement”.

I’ll go further. It was a FLAT LIE. What backlash? This is the US progressive left, doing what it does best – stirring division, and inventing a toxic fairytale for clicks.

And note the fully masked-up studio audience, made up, of brainwashed zombies. Did California not get the memo, that the pandemic is over? America has fallen.

Now Sunak is not perfect. Many see him as a globalist puppet, pushing for digital currencies and a technocratic dystopia. He's got more baggage, than the Kardashians on holiday - the billionaire wife, the green card business and the non-Dom status.

But frankly, I couldn't care less how rich he is. He could be the sultan of Brunei, for all I care, as long as he fixes the economy, secures our borders and gets us, back on a path to recovery. \

And I do think it’s quite a moment for the country, that someone like this, should become our Prime Minister. By which I mean, a short man. In Number 10.

So yes, this PM might be short, but he’s got plenty of stature.

He’s a potential giant, of British politics, and for those on the right, still berating, this pint-sized PM, remember, it’s a clear choice, at the next election.

Prime Minister Sunak, or Prime Minister Starmer. Be careful what you wish for.