Priti Patel is right, eco zealots are waging war against Brits – but the police are doing nothing about it, says Dan Wootton

If these common criminals were members of any other terrorist group they would, without any delay, be dragged from underground and locked up.


The despicable eco-terrorists of the extremist green organisation Just Stop Oil continue to wreak destruction on the lives of hard-working folk and British businesses attempting to cope with a cost-of-living crisis.

These lunatics continue tunnelling near a major oil refinery in Essex in order to weaken the road and force it to be closed...

Such idiotic and criminal behaviour has caused road closures, risked safety and impacted businesses to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds, including disturbing the printing and distribution of the country’s most popular newspaper The Daily Mail.

While eight people were arrested, many others shamefully remain underground, attempting to destroy roads, risking injury or even deaths.

And that’s just the beginning of the carnage they have caused in the last fortnight alone…

Today, the Home Secretary Priti Patel hit out at the groups, saying…

“These thugs and so-called eco-warriors are waging a war against the British people by going out of their way with planned disruptions affecting our daily way of life – our freedoms, our free press. They are in the wrong. They should all be stopped, in my view. This is a symptomatic illustration of lawlessness in our country, where it’s seen as OK for these people to behave in this way. It is not OK. The police must impose the full force of the law and not allow these protesters to get on site.”

Well, I agree Home Secretary.

But you’re in charge of the increasingly woke police, who seem to be focussed on negotiation with these zealots, not enforcement…

It’s a disgrace.

If these common criminals were members of any other terrorist group they would, without any delay, be dragged from underground and locked up.

So why are they being treated differently because their law-breaking has an eco slant?

As Priti Patel explained…

“There are laws in place which should be used. Laws including arrest for aggravated trespass exist and my public order Bill will bring in new criminal offences for these tactics and protests. They are causing criminal damage and have criminal intent in the acts they are participating in.”

But the woke weakling Assistant Chief Constable Glen Pavelin showed where the police stand by pandering to the protestors, pleading…

“We take the concerns of this particular protest group, its members and supporters seriously and are willing to work with you so that your rights to peaceful protest can take place without members breaking the law. The current action is dangerous and putting lives at risk. We encourage those involved to re-evaluate the action they are taking.”

How pathetic.

Constable, these are eco-terrorists, breaking the law.

Arrest them, lock them up and bring an end to this lawless behaviour so you can focus on the epidemic of violent crime.