Patrick Christys: We’ve got a housing crisis, but immigrants are being kept in accommodation at our expense

Strong borders make a strong country, perhaps it might be an idea to make sure the next head of our border force shares that view

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Our former head of Border Force thinks borders are a bloody pain the ‘backside’. Yes, that’s right…we had a head of border force who felt that borders were a massive inconvenience. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Paul Lincoln, who left his role last month, gave a speech during which he quoted lines from rock star Shane MacGowan, of The Pogues, saying: ‘People are talking about immigration, emigration and the rest of the bloody thing. It’s all bloody…rubbish.

'We’re all human beings, we’re all mammals, we’re all rocks, plants, rivers. Bloody borders are just such a pain in the…'

A senior Government source is quoted as saying: ‘We have held more meetings about the small boats than any issue other than Covid, but it just seems as if we are always banging our head against the wall. Perhaps this explains why’.

Well, yes, I think perhaps it does. Mr Lincoln was actually given a pay rise recently, and coined in around £135,000 of taxpayer’s cash.

So, on behalf of the nation, can we have our money back please, Paul. It’s interesting that Paul didn’t raise his opinions about borders at his job interview, isn’t it? Call me a madman, but I’m amazed that this didn’t come up.

‘Right then Paul, we’ve asked you everything that we could think of, so we’ll be in touch. Oh, just one last thing before you go…do you actually believe in borders?’

Paul Lincoln has presided over an absolutely epic omnishambles that has seen record numbers of people flooding into this country illegally. Just look at what’s been taking place in the Channel. Last week, the number of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel in small boats hit a new daily record of 1,185. More than 23,500 have made the crossing from France so far this year, a sharp rise on the 8,404 in 2020.

But it’s not just our borders on the way in that Mr Lincoln seems morally opposed to protecting, it’s also those on the way out. We should put this guy in charge of GPs surgeries because that way at least everyone would be allowed in.

At the recent inquest into the Manchester Arena bombing, the brother of terrorist Salman Abedi was revealed to have somehow managed to flee Britain.

I was going to say that it’s all well and good thinking borders are a pain in the backside, but it isn’t really if you’re in charge of them…but I think many people would regard mass illegal immigration as a huge pain in the backside as well. And so are people who take taxpayers’ money and then don’t do their job.

According to a study by MigrationWatch each illegal immigrant costs the taxpayer around £1m throughout their lifetime, there are about 1.2m illegal immigrants in the UK, so you do the maths!

We’ve got a housing crisis, but tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are being kept in accommodation at our expense. And then we’ve got the obvious, massive national security issues…

Paul Lincoln, as head of border force, hinting that he doesn’t think borders are a good idea is like Wayne Rooney saying he doesn’t like scoring goals, it’s like Adele saying she doesn’t like singing, it’s like Steve Irwin going off animals.

Strong borders make a strong country, perhaps it might be an idea to make sure the next head of our border force shares that view.

Oh, and once more, can we have our money back please, Paul?