Patrick Christys: This government spent £7k of taxpayers' money on pizza for migrants

About £400 million is being spent on asylum-related accommodation on an annual basis

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Taxes are going up. It’s estimated that the average family will have to pay more than £3000 in additional taxes in a year.

This equates to around 2% of an average family’s annual income.

Of the 4.4 million households on universal credit, about three-quarters (3.2 million households) will be worse off as a result of the government’s decision to take away the £20-a week universal credit uplift.

Isn’t it amazing then that this government thinks it’s a good use of taxpayers’ cash to spend £7,000 on pizza for illegal immigrants in just two days.

A Dover branch of Dominos was forced to close last week after Border Force officers ordered hundreds of pizzas to feed migrants who had crossed the Channel.

On Wednesday, Border Force officers reportedly bought 200 pizzas from Domino's to feed the 703 migrants who had arrived.

On Thursday, the figure rose to 500 pizzas to feed the record 1,185 new arrivals.

But it gets better ladies and gentlemen - Border Force then ordered two burger vans to arrive after the illegal immigrants complained some of their kebabs were cold.

Housing and payments for those crossing the Channel in an unauthorised manner may be set to cost the UK taxpayer around £240 million over the next decade unless the scale of arrivals is stemmed.

About £400 million is being spent on asylum-related accommodation on an annual basis.

An estimated £130 million per year is spent on supporting failed claimants who have no right to be in the UK - despite repeal of the relevant provision of the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act by the Conservatives in 2016.

I imagine there will be many people out there right now wondering what our priorities are. This winter, due to rising fuel costs, many isolated, elderly people will have to choose between heating their homes and feeding themselves.

Many people on the breadline, possibly with a couple of young kids, who work in low level public sector jobs, like a hospital cleaner, or at an inner-city primary school, will be seeing this government hike up taxes, take money out of their pockets, presents out of their children’s Christmas stockings… do you reckon those people can afford to buy a Dominos pizza for their family?

How do you think they feel when they see our government spend hundreds of millions on housing illegal immigrants, some of them in very nice hotels, and spending taxpayers’ money on expensive pizza, burger vans, kebabs…and that’s not to mention the cost of actually ferrying these people across the Channel and the 58 million pounds we’ve slipped the French to not police their beaches.

For every pizza or kebab bought for people who come here illegally, the government should match that for people living in poverty here. By all means, get the migrants a Dominos, but you have to give one to the vulnerable, hungry people we already have in this country.