Patrick Christys: The EU decided it would rather let its own citizens die than admit Britain won the vaccine war

Patrick Christys slams the European Union for their vaccine rollout


It’s official – the European Union decided it would rather let its own citizens die than admit that Britain won the vaccine war.

Basically, they chose to play petty politics over the Astra Zeneca vaccine because they had their nose put out of joint after Britain managed to procure millions of doses before they did. And as a result of that, vast swathes of the continent are now in lockdown, there will be mandatory vaccinations, their economies will take an absolute beating and huge civil unrest is erupting – in the Netherlands, police actually opened fire on protesters.

A major reason for this is that the EU, instead of just holding their hands up and admitting that as an independent sovereign nation Britain was able to negotiate niftily with large pharmaceutical companies and order bucket loads of vaccines, they decided to tell all their citizens that the particular jab Britain sorted first, Astra Zeneca, was completely ineffective and they shouldn’t take it.

Now, I should make it clear that I did actually assume that these vaccines would be better than they are – I think I can be forgiven for thinking that they would be more effective at stopping transmission and the effects of Covid, and I am concerned about the long-term data that may emerge in relation to side effects of these jabs…but, we are where we are, as they say.

But the EU had also procured a lot of Astra Zeneca jabs and had them stockpiled. And because Britain had essentially shown the EU up for what it is – a slow moving, overly bureaucratic, ultimately doomed political project run by underqualified narcissists on the take – they decided to tell their citizens not to take it. And here we are - around 25million Brits have had the AstraZeneca vaccine — 51 per cent of all those who are jabbed. But it has only been given to around 11 per cent of people in the EU, with just 67million doses used compared to 441million Pfizer jabs.

In France, just eight per cent of the doses delivered have been the Oxford jab, along with 11 per cent in Germany, 16 per cent in Belgium, 13 per cent in Austria and 12 per cent in the Netherlands.

The number of people in intensive care has doubled in the past month in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and the Nether¬lands — but rose only 17 per cent in the UK. And with 48 patients per million people in Austria and 44 per million in Germany, their rates are triple the 14 per million in the UK, according to Our World in Data.

So I think we can all say a big well done to the European Union. Another absolute gift in this story is that scientists also think that one of the reasons why Britain is emerging rather well at the moment is because of the high level of population immunity that we have, especially among the young.

So for everyone who was banging on about ‘we need more lockdowns’, actually, what we need is less of you.

It’s not the first time the EU has hung its citizens out to dry is it? Just ask the people of Italy and Greece about the support they got from the EU during the early days of the migrant crisis, for example.

The people of Europe now know for sure – the European Union would rather they died, than lose a political argument.