Patrick Christys: Justin Trudeau is just a weak little man who is way out of his depth

Liberals are supposed to be all about democracy, but here we have thousands of people exercising their democratic right to protest and what is his response?

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Justin Trudeau is just a weak little man who is way out of his depth.

Liberals are supposed to be all about democracy, but here we have thousands of people exercising their democratic right to protest and what is his response?

To behave like a dictator.

Why? Because, again, he’s actually just a weak little man whose mask has slipped.

He isn’t woke. He isn’t liberal. He isn’t fair and just.

No, in my opinion he’s just a good-looking chancer who pretended to have liberal values in order to obtain power.

Look at what’s happening right now - Trudeau has declared a public order emergency because thousands of people are protesting his bizarre and draconian rules.

The Emergencies Act allows him to freeze bank accounts, suspend insurance and tow away trucks.

Well, that’s strange because surely if this was just a small group of fringe protesters, as he has called them, then there would be no need for him to behave like this.

It’s important to present a bit of context when it comes to the Emergencies Act - The Emergencies Act was passed in 1988, it gives the government added powers in times of national crisis.

The situation must meet a high bar, specifically an "urgent and critical situation" that "seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians".

And Cabinet may only invoke the legislation if the emergency cannot be addressed by any existing federal law and if it exceeds the capacity of the provinces to handle it effectively.

So Trudeau sees this current situation as ‘an urgent and critical situation’, does he? He thinks it’s ‘it’s endangering the lives and safety of Canadians’?

A bit more context - lawful protests don’t qualify as a justification to invoke this act. It can only happen under the following scenarios:

* Espionage or sabotage

* Foreign-influenced activities

* Threats or use of acts of serious violence for political, religious or ideological objectives

* Covert, unlawful acts intended to undermine or overthrow the constitutionally established government

So what’s his justification? There doesn’t appear, in my view, to be any.

But this explains exactly why Trudeau is trying to claim that the protesters are a bunch of dangerous far-right nutters endangering Canada’s public health despite the fact that Omicron has proven to be somewhat of a vaccine - a milder, more contagious variant.

The only way he can legally prevent people from exercising their democratic right to protest is if he demonises them and makes them out to be a lot worse than they are.

In other words, he has to invent a national security threat. Which, I suspect, is why he decided to flee the capital with his family when these protests first started.

Justin Trudeau has said he has ‘no plans to call in the military’. Well, that’s very nice of him, isn’t it? What a lovely, kind-hearted, benevolent chap he is.

What would he ask the military to do? ‘Hi there, General. There’s a bloke over there sitting in his truck watching his son play ice hockey on the street with a few other people who disagree with my ridiculous laws. Can you open fire on them please?!’

Come off it.

The fact is we’re witnessing a massive toddler tantrum. Justin Trudeau has had everything his own way for his entire life. He was born into immense privilege - he’s the son of former Canadian PM Pierre Trudeau. He’s got away with wearing black face, amongst other things.

He‘s the classic plastic politician, and he simply can’t handle it when the weight of public opinion is against him.

Yesterday I interviewed a Canadian journalist who has been banned from Twitter for reporting on the protests.

Trudeau’s response to opposition is to try to ruin them financially, demonise people and cancel them…old-school mafia bosses used to just put a bullet in the back of their heads, but he’s more sophisticated than that, it would appear.

If Canada seems like a far away country, and if it seems like what’s happening over there is irrelevant, then you’re wrong.

Because it could happen here. Here we have a weak little man who has ridden to fame, power and fortune because he claimed to be a progressive liberal, but he’s ended up behaving like a tinpot dictator.

Let this be a lesson to us all - don’t believe the rhetoric. Don’t take your politicians at face value. Because, in reality, they’re usually the very opposite of what they claim to be.