Patrick Christys: JK Rowling cancelled by the 'bang average' actors that she turned into multi-millionaires

I don’t think the Suffragettes, in some cases, gave their lives, so that someone with a penis could tell them what a woman is.

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Just when you thought the transgender row couldn’t get any more insane, here we go.

JK Rowling, off of Harry Potter, has been cancelled…by Harry Potter. Yes, that’s right, it appears that arguably the greatest creative literary mind of her generation has been cancelled by the franchise that she created.

The Harry Potter cast are reuniting for a 20th anniversary special but apparently Rowling is set to be absent. Why? Well, according to reports, her absence comes following controversy surrounding her views on gender identity and the trans community, which have sparked backlash from fans and cast members. Presumably, by cast members, we mean the bang average actors and actresses that she turned into multi-millionaires.

These views included such things as Rowling’s stance on the definition of women, particularly relating to menstruation. I.e. women are women and men can’t have periods. Why is this controversial? I would argue that it’s society’s desire to totally suspend biological fact, logic and its attempt to erase women that should be considered controversial.

Rowling has stated that she "respects every trans person's right to live in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to them," but said it's not "hateful" for her to discuss that her life "has been shaped by being female." Of course it isn’t hateful.

We live in a world now where we have to believe that fat is beautiful, that we’re all unconsciously racist and sexist, where winners are losers and losers are winners… It’s strange, isn’t it, that if I sent my son to school wearing the wrong type of black leather shoes they’d be sent home for a uniform violation, but if I sent him to school dressed as a girl, the teachers would make him Head Boy. Or head Girl. Or…what…Head They? Isn’t it amazing that all it takes to get cancelled these days is to say ‘women are women’.

Let’s just get one thing straight, for want of a better phrase, Daniel Radcliffe would be stacking shelves in Lidl if it wasn’t for JK Rowling. Radcliffe’s wealth is estimated to be £94m. That’s £93m 999,000 99p more than he would have made if he didn’t, as a child, happen to look like Harry Potter. He followed his stint as a mythical wizard by taking up a leading role in a play called Equus, which involved him just getting his little lad out on stage every evening.

Put it this way, there’s a reason why his show didn’t get 5* reviews. Radcliffe came out and said, categorically, ‘trans women are women’…well forgive me for not being completely convinced that our Daniel is an expert when it comes to women… Apparently, JK Rowling won’t be there because the reunion event only involves the ‘central team’ – She wrote the flipping thing. All of it! Every word!

Look, this isn’t really about JK Rowling, this isn’t, believe it or not, really about Harry Potter. It almost never is. It’s about a bigger issue.

It’s about a transgender agenda that, as far as I can see, many transgender people aren’t even on board with. It’s about the fact that saying that women are women is now offensive. I don’t think the Suffragettes, in some cases, gave their lives, so that someone with a penis could tell them what a woman is.