Novara Media have a right to be heard, but they should thank their political opponents for fighting their corner

YouTube reinstated the Novara Media channel after outcry from many that would disagree with the outlet's politics

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Yesterday, YouTube removed the account of a well known left wing media outlet. An outlet whose employees often pop up to provide incredibly left wing analysis on the day's biggest talking points. Naturally, it's an outlet with which I rarely agree.

But it's also an outlet that has the right to be heard in a free society, even if many of those who work for it literally defend an ideology that has caused suffering to many millions.

While the channel has now been reinstated, yesterday's events are worth briefly dwelling on.

What made me raise an eyebrow is how quickly so many on the political right called out this bizarre episode for what it was - a clear censorious error from YouTube.

Yes, just about every right leaning voice in UK politics has said YouTube shouldn’t have suspended that left wing channel.

In their hour of need, their political opponents came to their defence.

Now, I can't help remembering the total contrast on social media when YouTube removed the channel of a right leaning radio station, many months ago.

The crowing, the cheering, the gloating.

The news was met with delight by so many on the left. Contrast that with the support the left had yesterday from the right.

Maybe we should take a little step back to think about what that says about the values of each group.