Nana Akua: People are sick of the Boris bashing

Nana Akua
Nana Akua

If someone were to mount an attack like this on you or I, I’m sure they would be done for harassment


I find it so disappointing that some of the mainstream media sources I used to consume mostly all pushing one narrative.

I don’t know why I’m surprised, until we GB News came along, there really wasn’t an alternative. In truth it’s pretty dangerous to speak out and only the bold dare. Thankfully I am bold so here goes.

You would think that the way some are talking in the media that Boris had committed some heinous offence and NOT offenses that are punishable with a Fixed Penalty notice. Yes he made the rules and didn’t appear to adhere to all of them but let’s remind ourselves that he had not long been in the job of PM, the culture of No 10 existed long before he got there and that a pandemic has never happened before in any of our lifetime.

Why have so many forgotten the words of his ex-pal Dominic Cummings who apparently has a map with bombs going off as he drip feeds the bloodthirsty media trivial incidents in an attempt to bring down the PM whom he has openly called a name I am not allowed to say.

If someone were to mount an attack like this on you or I, I’m sure they would be done for harassment. Why are the police not investigating him? But there are so many who are looking for someone to blame for this pandemic, they have decided to place it with Boris.

Sue Gray’s report confirmed all the things we already knew like expecting people to follow your rules which you yourself are not following, to be fair that’s not new in politics, remember the expenses scandal. However, under the backdrop of a pandemic it’s not a good look..

People are commending Theresa May for speaking out as she did yesterday in the commons, but whilst she apparently might not have allowed this on her watch, she didn’t get anything done did she.

In the words of my mother: You saw what the EU did to Teresa May, she went back and forth, back on forth. They squeezed her like a lemon..

Yesterday as I walked about the village I used to live in, I bumped into so many people all sick of the Boris bashing, one admitting that she had cake at work on her birthday during the pandemic which she enjoyed with and at least 10 other colleagues in the office... She was bored of this unyielding narrative to destroy Boris.. yet flicking through the radio and TV you’d think that everyone agreed that he should go.

I am pro common sense and they all broke the rules. Don’t forget the Labour Party help to form government policy too. If we are going down this route, their indiscretions must also be looked into as well. Why isn’t anyone looking to prosecute Barry Gardener for attending the BLM protest which he defiantly tweeted about? And Keir Starmer, why isn’t he also being investigated?

In a tweet Nadine Dorries said:

"Sue Gray’s findings have been published and the changes she recommends will be implemented. The PM has apologised for what has happened and how it was handled. Now we need to build back from Covid, level up our country and delver on the benefits of Brexit. That’s what the PM will do"

I suggest some of these young Tory MP’s should take advantage of this situation and leverage their position with the Prime Minister to get investment for their constituencies so they keep their jobs.

Whilst Boris might not have the traditional appeal, he’s not a good liar. As far as I’m concerned that is a good thing, because those who are proficient at this are far more dangerous... and let's be honest, no one appears to have a decent alternative.