Nana Akua on 'ridiculous' number of gender pronouns

With gender pronouns, is somebody going to step in and stop this nonsense?

Why can’t we just refer to each other by name or by the only real biological genders that exist?


I’m not going to lie to you, but I laughed when I was told that I had to refer to people as they.

I did the same thing when Prince, remember him, wanted to be referred to as the artist formally known as Prince and he became a symbol.

I think this might have been the beginning of this nonsense.

So now, by my latest count....courtesy of LGBTQ+..... there are 76 genders.. which include.., ..... Androgyne. ...Bigender. ...Butch. ...Cisgender. ...Gender expansive. ...Genderfluid. ...Gender outlaw.

Let’s take androgyne. Apparently some androgynes are comfortable with their body "as is", but some experience gender dysphoria and may wish to undergo a physical transition.

The degree of physical transition can vary depending on the person: for instance, one androgyne might wish to go on hormone replacement therapy but have no surgical alterations.

Just to confuse you further, here is a list of gender pronouns courtesy of the LGBTQ+ Resource centre which include Xerself per, pers perself. The LGB Alliance, that is the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Alliance, recognises and represents sexual orientation and biological sex instead of gender identity. They have frequently been accused of transphobia.

What the hell is going on? Why can’t we just refer to each other by name or by the only real biological genders that exist? How did we get to this place? This is ridiculous.

Now I thought the whole plan was to treat everyone the same and not compartmentalize people, but this is a masterclass in exactly that.

So the LGB Alliance, which are different from the LGBTQ+, are currently attending the Conservative party conference. This sort of reminds me of the Life of Brian, the peoples Judea’s front and the people’s front of Judea.

So the LGB Alliance have been accused of being transphobic because they believe in biology, they've chosen to represent lesbians, gay women and bisexuals not transgender people, and they probably think, like most of us, that only women have cervixes.

Remember Rosie Duffield who initially refused to attend the Labour Party conference because of fear of retribution because she dared to suggest that only women have a cervix.

She's right by the way.

Urgh, I'm exhausted. The sad thing is, if I told you I identify as a white male, you would have to take me seriously.

Is somebody going to step in and stop this nonsense or are we going to allow this juggernaut to ridiculousness to roll on?