Mark Dolan: UK is under attack from an ideological rump of hard left bullies

Mark Dolan
Mark Dolan

'It's time to consign these woke warriors themselves to the history books'


I can't believe these words are passing my lips, but there is good news from the modellers about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid cases will plummet in November even without "Plan B" restrictions, according to modelling seen by the Government.

Ministers are thought to be holding back from introducing restrictions such as compulsory face masks, working from home and vaccine passports, after seeing projections from several groups which show infections declining rapidly within weeks.

One model, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, for example, suggests cases will soon peak before falling steeply in the winter months, even without the use of "Plan B”.

At the start of the pandemic, disastrously inaccurate modelling predicted half a million deaths, which fuelled this ruinous and , in my view, ineffective set of Covid measures. All too often the graphs of covid predictions versus actual cases has been as consciously uncoupled, like Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Crap modelling has been a catalyst for so much of the damage we are now dealing with, but a stopped clock is right twice a day and it appears this new optimism about where we are in the pandemic is justified.

Which is why policies like covid passports, which would divide our society and not stop transmission of the virus, must now be scrapped. And it's time to reboot and recalibrate the vaccination program, moving away from an obsession with getting everyone jabbed, to a focused approach on the most vulnerable and with jabs and boosters for anyone that wants them.

And discrimination against unvaccinated NHS workers must end. Notwithstanding the fabulous immunity many unvaccinated people have as a result of having had Covid and recovered, it's clear that as we enter an inevitable winter crisis we must attract and hire staff, not fire them as a result of this bizarre vaccine ideology.

And I would lift the ban on unvaccinated care homeworkers from doing their job, taking care of vulnerable people. A far greater threat to a care home is lack of staff, not unvaccinated employees.

How ironic that opposition voices who have been pushing for Plan B already have had to eat their words, as cases are already falling. Yes daily Covid infections in Britain have fallen again and deaths are also down. The Department of Health reported 36,657 new cases in the past 24 hours, down a quarter on the figure last week and the second day in a row there has been a week-on-week drop.

Cases had risen for 18 days prior to Sunday. The disappointment of those pushing for Plan B at seeing case numbers fall was palpable, because there are so many in the medical and scientific establishment and in the media who don't want this to end.

They got a taste of fear, a taste of panic, a taste of control and they don't want to give it up. It offers too many, an almost pornographic pleasure. Sajid Javid struck the right note when he started the job as health secretary, after the other guy, the government’s chipolata smuggler in chief, CCTV sex bomb Matt Hancock.

Sajid Javid came into the job and said we've got to learn to live with the virus. And this latest more credible modelling demonstrates there will be no excuse not to restore our liberties, get back to normal and set the country back on a path to recovery.

Forget Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D. The only plan the government should have now is to end this hellish nightmare.

Rewriting history

A paper written by broadcaster Trevor Phillips and released by the Policy Exchange think tank on Monday claimed there was a “growing trend to alter public history and heritage without due process”.

Then went on to say: too many institutions are rushing to please a vocal minority when it comes to changing history. And it argues that decision-makers should not give in pressure groups and activists.

This country is under intellectual, cultural and social attack from an ideological rump of hard left bullies who want to deny basic human biology, who want to cancel great works of art, literature, television, film and music and they want to tear down statues which have been there for decades or centuries, and now they want to Tippex out and rewrite history.

How dare the woke Taliban, not satisfied with decolonizing Shakespeare and cancelling The Rolling Stones’ early hits, attempt retell the story of this country and the world.

It is not in the gift of one generation, particularly a cabal of blue haired, nose ringed, lettuce chewing extremists to reframe human history for their own narrow political ends. Because history is just that - his story.

It is a record of the past dating back to the beginning. History is not opinion: it is events, moments, stories, anecdotes, experiences, victories, triumphs and catastrophic losses.

And it's not there to be hijacked by anyone. We are custodians of the human story and you can't change the words, on the basis that you don't like what you're reading. Holocaust denial to use an extreme example, is the most horrific lie, an evil crime in its itself and holocaust denial is a criminal offense in Germany.

Because the Germans rightly understand that they need to protect the truth around that most horrendous chapter in their history.

But whether it's a battle, a war, an election, a coronation, a storm or a pandemic, history belongs to the world and it belongs to every human that has ever lived. Anyone that thinks they can tear out pages and copy and paste their own interpretation should have the book thrown at them.

The governments have got a fight on their hands and it's one worth fighting - it's a hill to die on. Because in time the public really will get sick of this, if they haven't already.

I believe soon elections will be won and lost around these culture wars and this assault on our country. It's time to consign these woke warriors themselves to the history books.

Insulate Britain

Insulate Britain are at it again, today literally glueing themselves to the road.

Now you are so wise. So many of you have written to me, saying don't talk about these people, don't give them publicity. And you're absolutely right.

The bottom line is it’s time for all of us in the media to stop playing into the hands of these deluded nutters. They've glued their hands to the road and I'm tempted to say leave them there. But it's dangerous and I don't want any of these people to come to harm, even if it was self-inflicted and the longer they’re out there, the more people will be in a traffic jam, not able to get to work, take their kids to school or even get to hospital.

Let me just say that these idiots haven't just got glue on their hands, they've got blood on their hands frankly. In the end this campaign will implode, because I fear there will be a tragic incident, in which someone dies as a result of their selfish protests.

And if that happens, their unrealistic cause will die with it. These criminals haven't just been applying glue to the palms of their hands, they’ve clearly been sniffing it as well.

And with a collapse in public support, they’ve well and truly come unstuck.