Mark Dolan: The cosy Covid consensus is crumbling

You mark my words, one by one almost every measure that we have seen, will be discredited.

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The cosy Covid consensus is crumbling.

Watch - in the months and years to come - the greatest proponents for all of these ruinous Covid measures, that don't appear to have made a discernible difference compared to countries and territories that did so little, will be rewriting their own history. In a similar way to those who now claim never to have supported the Iraq war.

With the societal, economic, health and human damage from the measures we've seen, a set of unprecedented and experimental measures to control a virus, this will be like the Iraq war times 100. The Iraq war on acid. But it won’t just be a Tony Blair figure that you can blame in relation to that conflict. It will be an entire generation of scientists, medics, politicians and media outlets, who will own this. They will own the non-Covid death toll, they will own the national debt. They will own the mental health tsunami. And NHS waiting list upwards of 6 million and beyond. They will own a sadder, diminished, and angrier society. They will own damaged children.

You mark my words, one by one almost every measure that we have seen, will be discredited.

It was months ago, that experts widely accepted that the endless hand sanitising wasn't a key measure, as the virus is airborne. There is evidence to suggest those wretched Perspex screens, catastrophic for the environment of course, and unsightly, may actually assist the spread of Covid, by trapping the aerosols for longer. The surgical and cloth masks, worn by the vast majority of people in this country are so useless, they're not even accepted in Austria or Germany.

Leanna Wenn, a medical analyst for lockdown-loving news channel CNN in the US, a woman who has backed the most stringent measures, told the channel:

"Don't wear a cloth mask. Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations.”

And if those super duper N95 masks are so effective, why are cases in Austria where they are now enforced OUTSIDE, going through the roof? Welcome to hell.

I was talking to a family friend recently and Covid came up, as it often does. And she said I don't read newspapers or look at the telly anymore. She literally said “I hate the media”. What a line: “I hate the media”. But who could blame her, as they have fearmongered constantly and peddled the doctrine of lockdowns, masks, distancing and jabbing everything that moves without any analysis, any scrutiny, any common sense or any moral or ethical judgement. In press conference after press conference it's been “why didn't we lockdown more, sooner, harder, faster”. Why do they slavishly back those measures? Well some commercial operators are being bankrolled by government advertising around Covid, the Beeb may want to please the government for a better license fee settlement, but almost all of them have pushed for these measures, because fear gets you clicks and viewers, and these measures don't affect them.

Most in people the media can afford lockdowns, curfews, social distancing, bubbles and work from home orders. Most of them are deemed essential workers and can come and go as they please, they have fancy Apple Mac computers, well appointed flats and houses, capacious gardens, strong Internet connections and plenty of Pinot Grigio chilling in the fridge. Much of the media has let the public down in this pandemic, by failing to offer a 360 view of the issues around the pandemic. The people have been gaslit, terrified and bullied for almost two years.

There has been a media bubble, and at GB News, we are here to prick it.

Let me quote you from two luminaries. Professor Jay Barataria one of the most respected medics on the planet, head of medicine at the world renowned Stanford University in California, who has called lockdowns the biggest public health mistake of all time.

And let me quote you the brilliant comedian Abi Roberts who has simply said this will be the biggest “I told you so” in history.

How right she is. In spite of my anger at the needless suffering we’ve seen, particularly among children and young people – kids as young as 11 will be back in masks tomorrow at school by the way, in spite of inconclusive evidence commissioned by the government that they work – and in spite of my dismay and pain on behalf of the millions who have been through hell and who will continue to pay for these measures, I personally will forgive and I will move on. But only if lessons are learned, freedom of speech and thought within science and within the media are reinstated and only if this madness is never allowed, to happen again. Not on my watch.