Mark Dolan: If the USA falls we all do

The next president will arguably be the most important in its recent history

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There's an old saying, when America sneezes, the world gets a cold. Well America is now on life-support, which means we're all in trouble. To say America is in the wrong hands is an understatement.

Having spent $16 trillion on the pandemic response, that's $50,000 for every American, their economy is shot to pieces. Unemployment, household debt, fuel prices and interest rates are heading upwards. And inflation, currently running at almost 8%, will likely reach well into two digits before the end of the year.

For too long now, the great nation of America has been living high on the hog, with the public and the state itself, living on borrowed money, which to date has cost the federal reserve next to nothing, given America's stellar credit rating, and the huge advantage of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency. But like so many great empires, it has begun to sow the seeds of its own downfall.

America has been caught napping, asleep at the wheel. Decades of under-investment and short-term thinking, mean America's infrastructure, once the envy of the world is falling apart. Roads, bridges, airports all creaking with age. And America's insatiable diet for borrowed money was the catalyst behind the disastrous credit crunch and global downturn in 2008 and 2009. But just over a decade later, nothing has changed.

America, a magnificent country and one I love dearly, has been living on the never-never, it’s all about jam tomorrow. Although they call jam, jelly, which is very strange. But the whole American project is beginning to wobble, with no smart long-term plan for the future, no vision. Just indulgence, complacence, and decay. Compare that to the Chinese, who have built airports, motorways, rail lines, power stations, nuclear plants, moved into Afghanistan and bought half of Africa. And they have prepared their economy for the 21st century, fuelled by Western billions, with us paying for products we should often be making ourselves.

U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. first lady Jill Biden board Marine One as they depart for Washington, DC from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, U.S
U.S. President Joe Biden and U.S. first lady Jill Biden board Marine One as they depart for Washington, DC from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, U.S

America's disastrous overreaction to coronavirus where common sense only prevailed in a handful of states like Florida, has accelerated this great country’s decline and gifted control of the world to China. China taking over as the world’s predominant superpower should've been decades away. But now it's just years. If they haven't won already.

Why is this a problem? Well for all of those America-haters out there - and in my view there are too many - be careful what you wish for. America is a beacon of diversity, innovation, creativity, freedom and democracy. But the leader of the free world, the US president is about to hand the world to a cruel, heartless and ruthless totalitarian dictatorship. One which tortures and murders its own people, which crushes dissent, which gave us Covid and lied in the early days of the pandemic. China has no free press, no political discourse, no criticism of the state, no elections. They back Russia’s evil invasion of Ukraine, of course, and are a regime which simply place no value on human life or the individual. Do you really want these guys in charge? Soon I fear the independent country of Taiwan will be another jewel in their crown.

If America falls, we all do.

Do you think the bumbling EU are going to save us? Good luck with that.

And look at the state of the United States. Divisive identity politics, mean that people are more worried about their pronouns than their future.

It's just plain embarrassing.

This is an America that has junked its values of personal liberty,

With the health commissioner of New York announcing five-year-olds should wear masks forever. It’s not New York any more, it’s New Beijing. New Pyong Yang.

America's great institutions are in the full grip of a woke takeover, with universities teaching critical race theory, which essentially says that homeless drug addicts with barely a dollar in their pocket have white privilege. Racism is the most evil thing imaginable, and America has a shameful history on that front. It must be addressed. But not by giving in to the hard left Communist outfit of Antifa, the toxic and corrupt group behind Black Lives Matter who disgracefully stole a great slogan, that few would disagree with. They want to break up the nuclear family, end capitalism and defund police forces, which surprise surprise, when enacted, has caused an explosion in crime.

America's great cities, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle are dying on their feet. Hundreds of thousands of homeless people are living in tent cities across the country, openly shooting up on streets which were once posh boulevards, all strung out on spice, heroin and crack cocaine. And America's democracy is in crisis. We had the disgraceful and violent assault on Capital Hill on January 6th 2021 and with question marks around postal voting, millions of Americans are unsure they can actually believe any election result now.

Would Joe Biden have become president, if the liberal US media had properly investigated the contents of that notorious laptop and Biden Junior – Hunter Biden – and his alleged links to the Kremlin. You tell me. Which takes me to Biden senior. Senior, being the operative word. The Democratic party should hang their heads in shame that they selected this decrepit man to lead the free world. This is a guy who gets lost going into his own house and thinks Russia invaded Iran. But he’s not responsible for the long term decline of the US. America's wars, for example, have been a disaster for decades. Vietnam, Syria, Libya, Iraq of course and latterly Afghanistan have come at a needless cost of money, lives and fermented hate. America's disastrous exit from Afghanistan established the theme of surrender, which is now American foreign policy.

America is also in the grip of a public health crisis, with over 60% of adults overweight or obese. The US is not fighting fit. Even their soldiers and cops, are too fat to serve. To me it’s all a question of leadership and statecraft. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi. Is that the best you've got? America can bounce back. And here in the UK we need them to.

A rejuvenated Britain, freed from the clutches of the EU, should once again inspire the great nation that we ourselves founded. We need to return to the special relationship - an umbilical and emotional connection - between two great and powerful, freedom-loving democratic nations. Like when Thatcher and Gorbachev presided over an economic miracle and the end of the cold war. That can only be done with great leadership.

The next president will arguably be the most important in its recent history. Because America is fighting for its position of global pre-eminence. If America wants to keep calling itself the greatest country in the world, it's going to have to start acting like one. We need someone to enter the White House who, to coin a phrase, can make America great again.