Mark Dolan: History will judge Joe Biden harshly and never forgive the Democratic party for foisting a blundering fool onto the world

After concerns about his health, the leader of the free world, the Afghanistan-abandoning, white flag waving, surrenderer in chief president Joe Biden is fighting fit


Great news! After concerns about his health, the leader of the free world, the Afghanistan-abandoning, white flag waving, surrenderer in chief president Joe Biden is fighting fit.

58? He looks terrible for 58. What kind of life has HE had? He needs to moisturise! Let’s just double check I heard that right.

Amazing. I thought it was only Hollywood actresses that lied about their age. He seems to be more than a little confused. But it's not the first time this has happened.

ITV should bring back “you've been framed”. And just have clips of Joe Biden speaking in public.

It's an embarrassment to the great nation of America, the most economically successful country in history, that this is the best they can offer by way of leadership.

It's a shame on the Democratic party, who knew full well that this admittedly decent and experienced politician, was in serious mental decline. Which is not his fault. It just goes to show how morally bankrupt they are, that they should prioritise winning power with a vanilla candidate that no one hated, over choosing someone worthy of the huge responsibility of the office of president.

When he is actually coherent, perhaps twice a day, like a broken grandfather clock, we are reminded what a useless president he is, as well as a confused one.

His botched departure from Afghanistan has destroyed a country that was beginning to rebuild itself after decades of war and destruction, and with that withdrawal, he made the world and indeed Britain, a less safe place.

I nicknamed him No Show Joe for those pathetic scripted press conferences, in which he took no questions. That’s no show Joe for you. So do you think that Donald Trump would've gotten away with any of these senior moments? Of course not. And yet Trump was subjected to four years of obsessive focus on every word he uttered and everything he did.

Look I'm no Trump supporter and consider him a pretty dreadful human being, but in four years, he didn't start a single war, he presided over an economic boom, he battled extreme political correctness and struck a measured and sensible tone around Covid. We shouldn't be afraid of this virus he said.

It is what it is. How right he was. Donald Trump is Abraham bloody Lincoln compared to this numpty currently in charge. I can't decide what's worse about Joe Biden, his incompetence or his incoherence.

Either way, history will judge him harshly and will never forgive the Democratic party for foisting this blundering fool onto America and the world. This is not an age thing. Churchill was in power in his 80s and remained a genius. But I suspect Joe Biden’s morning briefings, start with a reminder he’s president.

So whether he’s 58, 78 or 98, he passed his sell by date years ago. I don’t think somebody that can’t remember where he left his glasses, should have access to the nuclear codes. I don’t think someone that can’t remember what they went into a room for, should be the architect of America’s foreign policy.

I don’t think someone that gets lost, going into his own house, is equipped to lead the free world. The only thing he should be commander-in-chief of, is the remote control, as he catches up on classic episodes of Happy Days, I love Lucy and Golden Girls. No show Joe is a shmo and he’s got to go.

The mail Newspaper report that an increasing number of applicants for Civil Service jobs are declaring themselves 'neuro-diverse' and asking for special dispensation, including working from home and mornings off to visit therapists. Whitehall staff recently launched a UK Civil Service Neurodiversity Network, which aims to 'challenge unconscious biases against neurodiversity'.

Eh? The only unconscious bias I’ve got is an allergy to this woke bollocks. Do you realise that our culture is falling apar? Everyone belongs to a special interest group. Everyone is a victim. Everyone needs support, everyone needs special treatment. I really do worry about Britain in 2021.

Do you think this current shower of snowflakes would've been of any use in the Second World War? When Germany invaded Poland, they’d have put a request in with their line manager to fight from home. Our great country is losing its moral backbone.

We are liberal, we are soft, we are woke, we are casual, we are lazy, we're spoiled, we're indulgent, we're done for. It's no surprise that it's the civil service and the public sector that are indulging this nonsense. Why, because the public sector is bankrolled by you and me, the taxpayer.

These institutions don't need to turn a profit or achieve a bottom line. The free market just doesn't have time or resources with which to accommodate these fools. In any normal business, if you can't make a contribution on the terms of the employer, then you won't last five minutes.

Good luck telling Lord sugar that your neuro diverse and need counselling, a hug or a duvet day. We now glorify mental health issues, it's worn like a badge of honour.

Something to be proud of, something around which your identity is shaped. Serious mental health issues must be dealt with and support must be there. And if you are struggling, you must reach out.

But too many people have jumped on the poor-me bandwagon and rather than endless words of support, there are really just two words these unproductive layabouts need to hear: you're fired.