Keir Starmer's hard left Labour would destroy the UK, says Dan Wootton

The Labour leader's speech was a crusade for woke green policies that would inevitably bankrupt the country

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Today the British Bashing Corporation otherwise known as the BBC would like us all to believe that the Labour party and Keir Starmer have had a damascene conversion.

Gone are the far-left policy positions propagated by take the knee Starmer for the past three years, including those he pledged to appease the hard left of his party before being elected as leader.

Gone are the extreme positions he backed when the morality free politician was lobbying for the king of antisemitism Jeremy Corbyn to become the UK’s Prime Minister.

Oh, and he’d like us to forget that he led the charge to overturn the biggest democratic vote in British history by holding a second referendum to try and overturn Brexit – something I promised then I would never forget.

Luckily, I’ve got the receipts that show Starmer is anything but a Tony Blair-style centrist politician.

Even today Starmer’s rhetoric failed to match his claim to be a party of the centre ground.

Mark my word his pledge for net zero carbon by 2030 to be implemented in his first 100 days in office will bankrupt the country and force us into varying forms of climate lockdowns.

Notably, the biggest cheer of the speech came with a pledge to, in 2022, launch a nationalised energy company.

As the Daily Telegraph’s Christopher Hope rightly pointed out…

“A Great British Energy Company is something of which Jeremy Corbyn would be proud. Where is Sir Keir Starmer’s offer to middle Britain?”

Well, Starmer hopes we’re all stupid enough to forget that Labour remains a party of the hard left.

A party of the big state.

A party of high taxes.

A party that hates business and the rich.

A party obsessed with craven identity politics.

A party that doesn’t tell the truth about its real aims.

A party that believes black people must speak a certain way, even if they’re Chancellor.

A party that in power will install proportional representation and give the vote to 16-year-olds in a bid to keep the Conservatives out of office forever more.

Starmer has the political establishment and the MSM fooled because they are desperate to run the Tories out of power.

And they’re fooled by his straight appearance and wooden dad jokes.

But I’m not fooled.

Labour is anything but the centre ground – and a government led by Starmer would run the UK into the ground.