Keir Starmer is surely a dead man walking, his days are numbered, says Patrick Christys

In a way, like many of his voters, he’s decided life would be much easier if he was unemployed.

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Keir Starmer is surely a dead man walking. His days are numbered. There are more damning revelations about Beergate that have probably signed his political death warrant. Of course, he’s done this to himself.

If Keir Starmer hadn’t made such a big deal out of Partygate, and called for Boris Johnson to resign and Rishi Sunak for being slapped with a fixed penalty notice, then I don’t think anyone would seriously be calling for Keir to stand down.

So, in a way, like many of his voters, he’s decided life would be much easier if he was unemployed.

Here are the latest nails in Sir Keir’s coffin - and, thankfully, it comes in the form of blow-by-blow schedule of events that prove the Durham sesh was pre-planned:

Firstly, Labour officials always knew that Angela Rayner was in attendance, she’s referred to in this memo as AR. So it wasn’t an honest mistake that Keir Starmer and Labour denied she was there. It looks a lot like a massive lie.

Secondly, actual police officers could be key witnesses. Four close protection officers are named in the document including one who travelled with him from Hull to Durham.

Thirdly, the order of events quite clearly shows that Sir Keir could have eaten at the hotel on his own, and there was no need for a massive curry and boat load of beer.

In fact, and this is the real kicker, the curry and beer was pre-arranged. The running order states "Dinner in Miners Halls with Mary Foy." That’s a pre-arranged dinner, isn’t it? 80 minutes was set aside for the meal, hardly the ‘pause’ that Sir Keir tried to claim.

But of course this was just a quick bite to eat between work events, wasn’t it Keir? Well, it turns out that looks like a lie as well, because according to the order of events, there was no work scheduled to take place after the meal.

For once, I'm on the side of Diane Abbott, who says Sir Keir should resign if he’s handed a fixed penalty notice.

It’s hard to see how he won’t be given a fixed penalty notice. Compare travelling to Durham for a pre-arranged meal and booze-up with someone presenting you with a bit of cake in your own office.

Literally the only thing Sir Keir had going for him was that he was "a man of integrity", that he was "honest". Well, he isn’t is he? And all this talk of him being "forensic"…he’s hardly been forensic when it comes to the emails in his inbox that prove he is, in my opinion, a disingenuous little charlatan.

He’s so boring that he could bring a tear to a glass eye. I actually feel sorry for his close protection officer because he had to travel a couple of hours on a train with him, I think I’d stick my head out of the window and hope to hit a. low hanging branch.

So, of course, it’s quite ironic that it’ll probably be a party that brings him down.

But this is just terrible politics. He’s shown that he may well be half decent as a barrister, although I think there are a few women who encountered a former BBC celebrity who might disagree with that, but he’s terrible at politics. He’s backed himself into a corner.

If he receives a fixed penalty notice, he has to resign. He set the rules himself. The question is, will he?