It's time to talk about the Islamist threat to women and LGBT people, says Darren Grimes

Identity matters until you're at risk of highlighting the Islamist threat to the diverse array of identities

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In today's identity-obsessed West, identity matters above all else until your identity gets you butchered by Islamist ideology.

We're a nation increasingly obsessed with diversity, if you're gay, bi, trans and whatever more recent attachment to the LGBT alphabet soup there is today, as long as you're not straight and preferably not white, you'll go far, kid; you'll go far.

Despite this, you probably haven't heard about the more recent murders of gay people in Europe at the hands of Islamist terror. In Oslo last weekend, two people died and a further 21 were wounded after shootings in and around the London Pub, a popular gay venue. In Sligo, Ireland, earlier this year, two gay men were beheaded, and, you may not be aware, but in June 2020, three gay men were stabbed to death in Reading.

Darren Grimes
Darren Grimes

Had these attacks been at the hands of some white neo-Nazis, you would know about it because our news outlets would feel comfortable reporting the facts and just how pro the LGBT community they are. Whatever that means. But when it's Islamist terror, it'll be dismissed as a mental health issue; maybe it was the trauma of coming here as a refugee from a war-torn nation. Still, it's never, never, of course, the barbaric ideology that underpins these murderous crusades.

Identity matters until you're at risk of highlighting the Islamist threat to that diverse array of identities.

This all comes just days after the publication of a £6 million investigation report by the Independent Office for Police Conduct watchdog which found South Yorkshire officers failed to protect vulnerable children between 1997 and 2013. An eight-year long, £6 million investigation into the Rotherham grooming gang scandal and not one, not a single officer has been held responsible for the numerous failings during a time in which over 1,400 girls were sexually abused in Rotherham. 1,400 girls, whose lives were dismissed as unimportant because the authorities feared they might be accused of racism, as previously claimed in the government's Alexis Jay Report.

The new report even claims an officer working for South Yorkshire Police gave one of the country's worst child abusers a "no arrest" deal after he abducted a teenager.

You see folks, identity matters, being a woman matters, being part of the LGBT+ alphabet soup matters, until of course you're sexually abused or murdered by somebody higher up in the identity pecking order than you, then it's silence and a cross of the fingers to hope it all goes away.

Islamism is different from Islam, of course. One is a religion and one a fascist ideology. Some followers of Islam face discrimination, like some followers of Christianity. This is wrong. But this fact should not make us fear criticising Islamism and wrongs committed by followers of a certain religion. To hold Muslims to a lower standard, as I believe South Yorkshire Police did, is itself racist.

I wonder when we might say enough is enough, especially when many undocumented men are coming over the English Channel. Goodness only knows how many of them share our values on women's rights and LGBT+ equality. But we can't discuss these issues, hell I might even be removed from Twitter for saying this, but no conversation should be off-limits, especially conversations about a life-threatening and life-ruining pandering to a barbaric Islamist sect.