It's the Left that will do our country down with a staggering lack of ambition, says Dan Wootton

The Great British graft is so important for our future

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The Guardian’s new Political Editor Pippa Crerar thought she had quite the scoop last night.

Just like her incessant exposes on Boris Johnson’s private life at the Daily Mirror – used by the rest of the MSM to help depose a democratically elected Prime Minister – her sights are now firmly set on bringing down Liz Truss.

So it started with the leak of an audio recording of Truss, which she claims is from the time she was number two at the treasury.

Now, according to the hysterically written Guardian hit piece, this audio showed the likely next Prime Minister launching a quote “astonishing broadside against British workers”.

Quoted in the piece is Labour’s ludicrous shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Ashworth, claiming “it’s grossly offensive for Liz Truss to effectively brand British workers lazy”.

OK, so you’d think this recording must be pretty bad, right? Wrong!

The leak, which is highly damaging by the way, given we don’t know who Truss was even talking to or in what context, shows nothing like what Crerar and Ashworth describe.

I’m going to play it to you now, so that you can make up your own mind, without the ridiculous angling from The Guardian.

So, actually, what Liz Truss was talking about is increasing British productivity.

Surely, that’s something we should be aiming for to increase our living standards?

I would have thought the left would have embraced her saying our problems aren’t the fault of immigrants?

And, yes, graft is bloody important.

I say that as someone who has grafted in jobs to earn a living since I was 14-years-old, without any family connections or top education.

Graft makes the difference. Graft leads to success.

The Great British graft is so important for our future.

But, no the British left, which lacks any ambition for our country, reacted with depressing doom.

So good on Truss for refusing to back away from her comments when asked about them for the first time on stage at last night’s Conservative leadership hustings in Perth…

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging hard work and pointing out inefficiencies so that Britain can compete on the global marketplace.

It’s the Left that will do our country down with a staggering lack of ambition, derision of success and feeling that profit is a dirty word.