It’s a case of Truss one, Starmer nil following opening PMQs showdown, says Dan Wootton

It was a decisive victory for the new Prime Minister during her first parliamentary showdown with slippery Keir Starmer

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She’s not so stupid after all, right?

In fact, it was a decisive victory for the new Prime Minister during her first parliamentary showdown with slippery Keir Starmer.

You could see his front bench looking increasingly uneasy – sinking into their seats, in fact – after Liz Truss disarmed the Labour leader with straightforward and direct answers to his questions without any bluster and a clear sense of an underlying ideology and determined focus.

Sure, there wasn’t the theatrics and performance style of Boris Johnson, which could be so entertaining.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

But watch how Truss confirmed help for the public is coming in terms of the energy crisis, but a windfall tax is out of the question…

It’s very early days, but on the basis of that showdown, it’s a case of Truss one, Starmer Nil.

Serious times demand a serious leader – and I believe Conservative MPs, members and the wider electorate will be reassured by the first day of the Truss government.

Of course, tomorrow provides the stiffest test as she prepares to unveil an all-encompassing energy bailout, likely costing over £100 billion, which goes against virtually every Tory principle in the book.

While I have deep misgivings about the lack of targeting of the likely package, I reluctantly accept this extraordinary energy crisis calls for an unprecedented intervention.

The key thing for Truss is to ensure the UK is never reliant on bad actors for our energy security ever again.

Liz Truss during PMQs
Liz Truss during PMQs

If she does that and sets our country on a different path, the next general election could be winnable.

While I hate discussing identity politics in any form…

I mean, apparently I’m meant to be deeply concerned at the lack of an openly gay person in the Cabinet. Er, why?

But it was still delightful to see Starmer squirm when former Prime Minister Theresa May made this brilliant intervention about Britain’s third female Prime Minister once again coming from the Conservative party.

The left are now throwing out the most revolting insults, knowing they’re losing this particular culture war.

So new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, new Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and new Home Secretary Suella Braverman – all ethnic minorities in the three most important Cabinet jobs are apparently white supremacists.

Yep, really. I’ll tell you about that later in the show.

The new Health Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister Therese Coffey is being body shamed and told she shouldn’t be in the role, despite there being no misgivings about Ken Clarke in the post.

And, of course, Liz Truss is thick.

But here’s the thing: She’s smart.

And tomorrow she has the chance to take control of the energy crisis and set her on a path to an unlikely general election victory.The odds could not be higher.