It is now time to impeach Joe Biden, on the grounds of poor cognitive health, incompetence and dishonesty, says Mark Dolan

Despite the shocking cost of Joe Biden's green policies, they haven't worked


America has fallen. A self-inflicted energy crisis, has been brought about by Joe Biden's green policies, which included reducing oil and gas production, introducing crippling regulations on the industry, and curtailing fracking licenses.

Reducing capacity, in favour of alternative energy sources, was the plan, but despite the shocking cost, they haven’t come through.

And a push away from fossil fuel, has impacted supplies, stoked inflation, hurt manufacturers, and worsened the lot ,of hard-working Americans.

Recession fears continue to accelerate in the US.
Recession fears continue to accelerate in the US.

Joe “has anyone seen where I left my glasses” Biden, also tore up an oil pipeline deal with Canada, just as the world, was about to need more energy, post pandemic, and following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Plus, petrol, prices, have almost doubled.

That’s a lot of money, just to fill up your Chevrolet or Buick. Do they still have Buicks? I used to love the Trans Am. And how different things could have been.

The year before Biden entered the Oval Office, the US had just cemented its energy independence, becoming a net exporter of oil, for the first time since 1949. All thanks to the bonkers, but occasionally very wise Donald Trump.

It was Trump who warned Germany about being overly reliant on Russian gas in 2018 when he was in the white house.

They all laughed. But now it’s Putin, that’s laughing, all the way to the bank. Hilariously, the worlds first woke president, is now in the process of a colossal U-turn in which he is reaching out to oil and gas companies for help to power America and he’s issuing oil and gas licenses, like they’re going out of fashion. Biden’s plan to decarbonise America has gone up in smoke and is now nothing but hot air.

Mark Dolan has criticised Joe Biden's green policies.
Mark Dolan has criticised Joe Biden's green policies.

Meanwhile the Telegraph report Joe Biden has quietly agreed to complete Donald Trump's border wall in one of the busiest spots for illegal immigration along the US border, in an open area of southern Arizona, near Yuma, where four wide gaps have made the location one of the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.

But I thought Donald Trump’s wall was a bad thing. I’m so confused. On the watch of Joe Biden, a man I like to call “slow-mo Joe”, America’s foreign-policy is the worst it's been since Vietnam,

with the disastrous surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan, awarding a mineral rich country, with billions of quid's worth of military equipment, to the Taliban, a gang of heartless, marauding thugs, who have set back women's rights in that country by 100 years.

But the latest disaster is in relation to the economy. The reality vacuum that Joe Biden inhabits, reached its nadir this week, with the White House denying that America is in recession. In spite of the fact that the USA, has seen two quarters of negative growth, which has been, the technical definition. of a recession for 50 years. Here is the Financial Times confirming, that the US IS in recession.

“US enters technical recession after contraction in second quarter growth”. So there you have it, in black and pink. Unless you believe the untrustworthy and increasingly biased Wikipedia who have just changed the definition of recession, and locked the page for editing, presumably to help the White House. They’ve deleted the existing definition and replaced it with “there is no global consensus on the definition of a recession”. How convenient.

Lies, damn lies and Wikipedia entries. How dare slow mo Joe, and the Democratic party, accuse others of fake news - remember their abortive plan for a ministry of disinformation? - when they are willing to lie, about the official economic statistics. Telling Americans they're not in recession, takes gaslighting to a new level.

Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid twice in quick succession.
Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid twice in quick succession.

Their former spokesman Jen Psaki said they are not the government of lockdowns, even though Democratic blue states like California, have been lockdown fanatics, and have demonised the likes of state governor Ron De Santis for choosing freedom for the people of Florida months before others unlocked and unmasked.

What we are getting from the White House is the kind of sinister doublespeak, you would expect from North Korea or China.

It’s the same propaganda, that will have ordinary Russians believing, the war in Ukraine is going swimmingly. What hope is there, for the free world, for western democracy and for capitalism, if the global beacon for all of those things, the United States, no longer adheres to basic economic facts.

Biden's relationship with the truth has always been equivocal at best. What is the truth about his son Hunter’s links to Ukraine and China, and the contents of that notorious laptop?

It is time for slow-mo Joe to go, says Mark Dolan
It is time for slow-mo Joe to go, says Mark Dolan

What is the truth, about the impact of lockdowns, in states that had them versus states that didn't, or vaccine risk, versus vaccine efficacy.

Biden himself wears five masks, has been boosted a hundred and eleven times and gets Covid every three days.

What’s going on? With this latest recession howler, the White House appears to be at best evasive, and at worst profoundly dishonest. If slow-mo Joe, is willing to lie about America, NOT being in recession, even though it is, what else would he lie about? But you know what the BIGGEST lie is? WHO is running America?

Because take my word for it, it ain't this teleprompter-reading, scripted-freakshow of a man. Are you honestly telling me, that he is at every meeting, making key decisions, in what is the most gruelling and important job in the world? Is this guy in charge? This guy here?

America has fallen. Their world influence has fallen, their divided society, has fallen, and their economy, with eye watering levels of national debt, is falling too.

Joe Biden, may be the most dishonest incumbent of the White House, since Richard Nixon, and is certainly in my view the most useless and ineffectual, since Jimmy Carter.

It's time now to impeach this guy, on the grounds of poor cognitive health, incompetence and dishonesty. The greatest country in the world, has the worst president. America deserves better. Slow mo Joe, is a no go hobo, and he’s got to go.