In Liz we must now Truss, says Dan Wootton

Liz Truss has the most experience of any serving Cabinet minister and stayed loyal to Boris Johnson until the end

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The United Kingdom now has clear choice about its future.

A high tax/big state approach from the former Chancellor and Boris backstabber Fishy Rishi Sunak who has taken the UK’s tax burden to the highest it’s been in 70-years.

Or a low tax/small state Thatcher revolution led by the highly competent Foreign Secretary Liz Truss who has the most experience of any serving Cabinet minister and stayed loyal to Boris Johnson until the end.

Even posing in the front row with the PM after his final Cabinet meeting today.

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

Of course, former members favourite Penny Mourdant remains in the race but her momentum with MPs has stalled after a week of damning revelations about her selective memory on trans ideology and woke politics.

And today the anti-woke warrior Kemi Badenoch was eliminated after a valiant campaign that has seen her transformed into a household name within a fortnight.

While it’s not going to happen in 2022, mark my words, Badenoch is a future Conservative Prime Minister.

Her unflinchingly brave challenging of the MSM narrative on everything from critical race theory to Net Zero has made her an asset for the party - and should have secured her one of the great offices of state under the next leader whoever that may be.

Of course, the issue with a Sunak vs Truss run-off is that it shows just how out of touch the Conservative party has become with its members who are going to be denied the opportunity to vote on their favourites Mourdant and Badenoch.

In fact, even polling released this morning showed Badenoch thrashing Sunak in a fantasy run-off.

What’s become ever more clear is just how opposed the members remain to handing billionaire US green card holder and tax riser in chief Sunak the keys to Number 10.

He’s losing to Mourdant by a margin of 51 to 37.

And Truss has an even more commanding lead of 54 to 35.

So the establishment of the party - the grandees and former Cabinet monsters who love appearing on the BBC and Sky News - can tell us as much as they want that Sunak would be the best Prime Minister.

But I would argue that he’s almost certain to lose to whoever the MPs put him up against.

While Mourdant has many impressive qualities, I believe that person must be Liz Truss - Thatcher for 2022.