Imagining a Britain without the Queen is unfathomable to me, says Dan Wootton

She was our greatest ever monarch. She was a constant in all our lives

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She was our greatest ever monarch. She was a constant in all our lives. She was the most famous woman in the world.

A religious leader, a beacon of morality, a true moderniser.

But she was also a devoted wife, a beloved mum, a grandmother, a great-grandmother.

And, like so many of you, I felt a personal connection to The Queen.

She represented the greatest generation, like my grandparents who fought in World War II.

She represented the sort of selflessness we don’t see in public figures anymore.

Dan Wootton has paid tribute to the Queen
Dan Wootton has paid tribute to the Queen

Truly the best of British.

And, no matter her personal trauma, she put duty first. Always.

She looked how we will always remember her – kind, calm, modest and dutiful.

This is the moment we hoped would never happen.

As you know, I believed the Queen would live for decades longer.

Imagining a Britain without her is unfathomable to me.

The Queen has died aged 96
The Queen has died aged 96

At every major historic event of my lifetime, she has been there, providing emotional comfort and support in the way only the nation’s grandmother could.

The grief I am feeling tonight feels raw and real – and I know so many of you – even the republicans amongst us – understand that.

Because these are darks days for Britain.

A country divided and facing the most difficult winter politically in decades.

And the Queen was our constant through these times…

We will meet again, Your Majesty. One day.

The Queen is like no other historical figure – her impact will not be repeated in our lifetimes. Perhaps never again.

She will go down in history as a transformational monarch who secured the future of the Royal Family by guiding it through the difficult transition from the British Empire to the Commonwealth.

The next few days are going to be hard for this United Kingdom.

But we will stick together through these days of grief and get through this tumult stronger as Britons because that’s what she would have wanted.

God Bless you, Ma’am.