I’m certain many millions feel like me tonight - Disillusioned about the state of British democracy that resembles a banana republic, says Dan Wootton

The coup is complete


The coup is complete.

Just as I predicted right here on Thursday night, a dodgy deal stitched up in the backrooms of Westminster by MPs and the conspiring MSM and political establishment to keep Brexit hero and proven election winner Boris Johnson off the ballot and ensure that Fishy Rishi Sunak takes power in a coronation without a single vote cast.

Dan Wootton says British democracy resembles a banana republic.
Dan Wootton says British democracy resembles a banana republic.

So on an extraordinary day for British politics, I thought it was important to start today’s Digest differently by sharing with you a letter I received within moments of the announcement by the 1922 Committee this afternoon from loyal viewer and loyal Tory member Stephen Carr.

He wrote to the Conservative party head office this…

“It is with regret that I write to notify you that I am resigning my membership with immediate effect.

“We have in recent months seen the defenestration of a leader who guided us to a majority not seen in decades, winning seats in areas which would previously have been unimaginable.

“Those who played a pivotal role in the removal of Boris, who was himself chosen by members, then lost the leadership election to Liz Truss. Perhaps, like me, many members voted to stop Mr Sunak rather that seeing Liz as a positive choice for either the party or country. Regardless of their reasons, most members didn’t want Boris to go and certainly didn’t want Mr Sunak. Whilst members of the parliamentary party may have their own views, as well they should, the wider membership has the right to choose the new leader.

“We now find ourselves in the position where certain factions of the parliamentary party decided to undermine Liz which has ultimately led to her resignation. Almost inevitably, we find Mr Sunak on scene ready to take over and the 1922 Committee setting rules for the leadership contest which seem designed to ensure a coronation without any member vote.

“The members are the lifeblood of any party. The ones who, like me, were prepared to turn out in all weathers to deliver leaflets and make the case for our party on the doorstep. Like me, often travelling away from their own ‘safe’ constituency to assist in marginal areas. Any party which alienates members in the way which we have been in the coronation of Mr Sunak does so at its peril.

“In the circumstances I feel unable to continue as a member.”

Now thousands of those emails will have already been sent today. Many more will follow.

It comes after the party’s Chairman Jake Berry said last week…

"If we believe in democracy, members cannot be denied a say on who the next leader of the party is."

But that didn’t matter for the Remoaner elite in the party, who tried to thwart the biggest democratic mandate in British history in Brexit, then worked to depose Boris when that failed, only to turn their sights immediately on Liz Truss when she defeated their globalist man Sunak in the lengthy summer leadership contest.

Listen to one of their ringleaders George Osborne on Channel 4 last night, proposing to literally go to war with Tory members to undermine the democratic process if Boris had run against Sunak….

Of course, the pressure from the establishment and the MSM became too much: Boris knew they would do anything to dethrone him once again, so was forced to pull out. Even though he would have certainly thrashed Sunak in the member’s vote.

And just look at how the BBC celebrated live on air last night during a news broadcast…

That biased presenter Martine Croxall has since been suspended.

But, let’s be honest, she was only reflecting what the Brexit Bashing Corporation really think behind the scenes.

So please do forgive me if I struggle with all the calls tonight from senior Tories telling me that I just MUST unite behind Fishy Rishi.

When it was Sunak who allowed his allies to spend the past six weeks destabilising Truss and who previously spent six months destabilising Boris Johnson’s premiership…

Let me be clear, I do hope Sunak succeeds for the sake of the country.

But I have serious doubts about his motivations and who is pulling the strings.

Especially after his supporter Tobias Ellwood tweeted then deleted over the weekend…

“The free market experiment is over – it’s been a low point in our party’s great history. The reset begins.”

Hmmm. Reset. No thanks.

I’m certain many millions feel just like me tonight: Disillusioned about the state of British democracy that resembles a banana republic and politically homeless.