I'm calling for veteran hotels to house our 7,000 brave military heroes, says Patrick Christys

Why do we treat people from other countries better than we treat people who have fought for this country?

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Yesterday we did a big exclusive on an asylum seeker hotel in Essex and it got me thinking.

So I’m calling for veterans hotels. There are roughly 7,000 homeless military veterans. Many of them suffer with PTSD and other mental health issues as a result of witnessing the horrors of war.

Many have physical injuries.

Isn’t it strange that we can have thousands of people we’ve asked to do the most dangerous job in the world – for not that much money, by the way – who are homeless, who are in need of genuine care…but we’ll pay millions of pounds a day to house people, often coming from countries we’ve been to war with, in nice hotels where they can get medical attention and three square meals a day.

There are loads of veterans in this country who are now in such a bad way that they could never make the journey across Europe, they could never even afford to pay a people smuggler to get them in a boat.

And yet we keep giving accommodation to these so-called asylum seekers instead of our war heroes.

And on top of that we have a state broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation, that, from where I’m sitting, seems to hate Britain.

Not content with rampant left-wing and pro-EU bias, it appears the BBC is now acting like Jeremy Corbyn – always on the side of our enemies.

There was a documentary put out last night that basically accused the SAS of war crimes in Afghanistan.

They used very spurious evidence, and even included footage of the Australian SAS instead of ours.

The documentary relied almost entirely on testimony from the enemy.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the BBC was more willing to take the side of the Taliban than our brave veterans.

But having said that, what level of investigative journalism should we really expect from a company that allowed Britain’s worst ever paedophile to operate right under their noses for decades, and let Martin Bashir lie to Princess Diana?