If a Sunak coronation happens, I don’t foresee a happy ending for the Conservative Party, says Dan Wootton

The only candidate who can come to the job with a proven track record of success and a clear mandate from the country is Boris Johnson.


After another unprecedented day in British politics – with failed Liz Truss forced out of office after just 44 days because she gave into the establishment and went against her commitments to voters ­– what is, yet again, blindingly obvious is that the Westminster establishment is stacked against the people and therefore democracy itself.

The Truss premiership should never have happened.

I spent months on this show warning Conservative MPs against deposing Boris Johnson at the behest of the blob, the globalists, the remoaners and a conspiring mainstream media.

But the dastardly coalition of the wets, who aren’t real conservatives anyway, gave in and rolled a man who secured his party an 80-seat majority and delivered Brexit because they were convinced they would get their man Fishy Rishi Sunak into Number 10 Downing Street.

When that didn’t happen; they were out to destroy Liz Truss and her low tax agenda, to hell with the damage it would cause the country.

Truss proved tragically and pathetically weak.

After spending all summer convincing us she wouldn’t U-turn, she did just that at the slightest hint of opposition – and the dark forces who run Westminster knew they’d got her.

For the past few weeks, she has been an embarrassing lame duck leader who allowed remoaners to stage a coup, imposing Jeremy Hunt as the country’s de facto PM, even if he only became Chancellor officially.

It’s been an anti-democratic disgrace and, quite rightly, voters have deserted the Tories in droves.

Well, following her inevitable resignation today, the fix is almost in. The stitch up complete.

Earlier tonight, the all-powerful 1922 committee has done everything possible to stop Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister and secure the job for Fishy Rishi, forgetting he was just overwhelmingly rejected by party members.

If the vote goes to Conservative party members, Boris will be PM again by next Friday.

The only candidate who can come to the job with a proven track record of success and a clear mandate from the country.

And the only candidate who can avoid a general election and likely defeat Slippery Starmer in 2024.

But by demanding only candidates with the support of 100 MPs can be voted on by members, the grey suits in the party are making it almost impossible for Boris to return.

They want a Rishi coronation, worked out over the weekend in dodgy backroom deals at Westminster between other big figures in the party like Penny Mordaunt and Michael Gove.

The Tory right and grassroots members – who are determined to win the war on woke, fight back against globalists, deliver a strong Brexit, cut taxes and stop the illegal Channel invasion – have to stand up against such a dodgy deal.

They must all unite behind Boris to be Prime Minister again now before it’s too late.

As one Tory association Chair told the Daily Mail tonight…

“The membership will go absolutely bananas if they are excluded and it is rigged. It'll be MPs backing Rishi Sunak or Penny Mordaunt vs the membership. We can’t be treated with contempt.”

Mark my words, Boris is the only candidate feared by the opposition.

If you’ve been watching any of the MSM today, I’ve found it hilarious seeing and hearing the growing panic in the voices and fear in the eyes of the Westminster elite and political editors as they come to the realisation that the Brexit delivering, proven vote winner could return to Number 10 and deny their man Starmer an almost certain tilt at the top job.

Boris is the only candidate with the slightest chance of turning around the party’s disastrous poll ratings – and saving the Conservatives from a 1997-style wipeout.

Just remember if anyone other than Boris is elected the clamour for a general election will become overwhelming.

Sunak is a globalist shill who the public have not forgiven for his backstabbing of Boris.

The other likely candidates, including the brilliant Kemi Badenoch and excellent brave Suella Braverman, are untested.

Although, in my opinion, Braverman’s short stint as Home Secretary has proven she is the only other likely candidate with the balls to take on the establishment and the blob.

A Sunak ally told the MailOnline today it was “natural logic” for the former Chancellor to go head-to-head with Boris, adding…

“It will be a battle for the soul of the party.”

Indeed it will.

But that battle must be allowed to happen.

Not stitched up MPs and party grandees in the early hours of the morning in the bars of Westminster.

If a Sunak coronation happens on Monday, I don’t foresee a happy ending for the Conservative Party.