Great Britain is being bullied on the world stage, says Nana Akua

'The world has lost respect for the disunited kingdom, a country which has had five leaders in the space of six years' says Nana Akua

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When I heard that Great Britain must pay reparations for damage caused by climate change I laughed out loud. Surely nobody in their right mind would entertain this... Really?

This was the latest in ridiculous demands at COP 27, the thing that Rishi U-turned on when he heard his mate Boris was going. Britain must pay reparations for climate change.

Instead of telling the world where to get off and listing a string of benefits the UK have brought to the world like the steam engine, the spinning jenny, the locomotive and the first electrical telegraph communications

Or, pointing out that China has pumped out more CO2 in the past few years than Britain during the entire industrial revolution and that if they wanted to go down this route

Perhaps they should ask China for reparations after bringing the world Covid and then charging it for PPE. But do they dare? Of course not.

The world has lost respect for the disunited kingdom, a country which has had five leaders in the space of six years, and seven Home Secretaries.

A country whose politicians deposed of a democratically elected leader over cake.

Another within 45 Days to install a puppet whose strings appear to being pulled by the markets, instead of the people of this country who didn’t actually vote for him.

This once great union of nations is being pulled apart by the ego of our politicians. Nicola Sturgeon with her one agenda too.

As my mother says, break up the union. Northern Ireland and Stormont who will not assemble and then Wales led by mask mandate-mad Mark Drakeford.

Take migration: the Home Secretary Suella Braverman called the illegal crossing an "invasion" of our Southern coast which is apparently costing us about seven million a day.

Instead of seeing this as a threat to national security, our politicians from both parties were attacking the use of the word invasion... Which it is by the way, she's right.

They simply do not want to see the problem because that means they will have to do something about it and that may make them unpopular to the people they are trying to please ego.

So, instead, they do nothing but raise taxes on us to pay for it and pick on words. Even the prime minister of Albania has had a pop at the UK.

I suspect after seeing how pathetic internal wrangling is destroying any chance we have of sending illegal migrants back and securing our borders, he thought he might as well get his two pennies worth.

But expecting us to pay reparations for climate change is absolutely ridiculous!

Great Britain is being bullied on the world stage because our politicians have showed themselves to be spineless, swaying and buckling to satisfy their egos and their need to stay in power at all costs.

The once great collectivism, where politicians would unite for the good of this nation, has been replaced with fragile, pathetic egotism - trapped in myopic bubbles of power.