GB News viewers are just the best: Well-informed and respectful but determined to get answers, says Dan Wootton

Truss came through GB News' People's Forum with flying colours

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Oh my goodness, GB News viewers are just the best.

Well-informed and respectful, but determined to get answers on the issues that really matter.

The energy crisis, immigration, carers, pensions and grooming gangs.

Every single Government press conference would be far more illuminating if Rigby and Peston and Mason were booted out and replaced by you.

I’ve come to that conclusion after this evening’s brilliant People’s Forum, where GB News viewers and Daily Mail readers had the opportunity to quiz the Conservative leadership favourite Liz Truss in Leigh.

Brian Sheeran set the tone with this tough but fair opening gambit.

Phillip Ore wanted answers on illegal immigration question – and got Truss to make a snide dig at the French and come close to committing to overturning to ECHR.

Jane Knight got Truss to commit to having the brilliant insurgent leadership candidate Kemi Badenoch in a top role in her Cabinet – and confirm that she thinks Number 10 Downing Street has become too presidential.

Paul Eckersley’s important question on child grooming gangs got Truss to confirm police shouldn’t be patrolling Twitter and should be out on the street, while issuing an emotional response about the disgrace that went on in Rotherham and Telford.

Theo Mirfin got Truss to commit to watering down the Orwellian aspects of the Online Safety Bill.

Those were just a few of the highlights.

But, for me, under such tough grilling from the GB News Family, Truss came through with flying colours.

She was across her brief, warm, relaxed, but, crucially, not prepared to make promises she couldn’t keep.

And she won over the room, which included many undecided Conservative members.

In a literal straw poll – appropriate given that tonight's battleground was in that great British institution, the pub – 58 percent of audience members said before the Forum they were backing Truss for PM, while 40 were undecided.

The Straw Poll at The People's Forum
The Straw Poll at The People's Forum

But after the grilling, the percentage of Truss backers rose to 71 percent, while only 29 percent of voters said they were undecided.

And in more bad news for the floundering Rishi Sunak, Truss managed to sway the tiny two percent of people who said they were supporting him going in.

So there you have it, according to GB News fans, Truss is a hero and Fishy Rishi is literally a zero.