Eco-extremists wanting to destroy British farming can pork off, says Mark Dolan

Not only is eating meat a human right – we should be able to eat whatever the hell we want

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Eco-extremists are set to beef up their campaign against the traditional British diet by proposing a meat tax, which would see us pay more for pork, lamb and chicken, and could potentially see a levy, on dairy products, and other animal-derived food.

What a load of bull.

Why let the facts get in the way of the truth, which is that as omnivores we’ve survived and thrived on a mixed diet of vegetables and animal protein. And as we’ve evolved over millions of years we now find ourselves in command of nature, and at the top of the food chain. The foremost species in the history of the planet, by a mile. So I would suggest we’re doing alright on a meat based diet. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story when eco-warriors, non-governmental bodies and even corporations like supermarkets, are pushing a plant-based diet, which involves packaged, processed foods, chock full of water, vegetable oils, sugar and Frankenstein ingredients like soya and pea protein.

Plant based is a gold rush for so-called big food, the processed food industry, who have been making us fatter and sicker for years. Plant based food production involves far more water for things like almond milk than cow’s milk and relies on vast monocrop agriculture, spraying crops with an airborne slurry of fertiliser and pesticides. Let me tell you, vast fields of wheat, corn and soy, is a disaster for biodiversity and the soil, the self-same soil, which is enriched, by RUMINANT animals, like cows and sheep. Plus there's all the packaging involved in plant based food, and the air miles. But that's the least of it. A plant-based diet doesn't seem to be great for your health either.

Last year, a study from University College London, revealed vegan children grow up shorter, with weaker bones than those who eat meat.

It found five to ten-year-olds on plant-based diets were on average three centimetres shorter. They also had four to six per cent lower bone mineral content, and were more than three times more likely to be deficient in vitamin B-12, than omnivores.

Whilst medics in that study, recommended a litany of supplements, to PROP up a plant based diet, the University of Vienna, have this week urged vegans to do weight lifting.

Vegans weight lifting? Blimey are you sure they’ve got the energy for that? They can barely lift an avocado. Austrian researchers told the Mail newspaper: 'Our study showed resistance training offsets diminished bone structure in vegan people when compared to omnivores. It’s gets worse – you may want to put down that corn on the cob.

Health officials from Leeds University, are warning that women are a third more likely to break their hip if they’re on a vegetarian diet.

Researchers followed 26,000 women for 20 years and said some vegetarians may lack enough nutrients for good bone and muscle health, which RAISED the risk of breaks.

Why would that be do you think?

Because meat and fish and eggs and cheese, are full of this stuff called protein. I don't know if you heard of it? And animal products are far higher in so called bio available protein than their plant-based rivals. That means it's absorbed more easily into the body, and used for the growth of muscles.

Now I'm a libertarian. So what goes on your dinner plate, is entirely up to you, but this mission creep against meat, must be called out and must be stopped. Not only is eating meat a human right – we SHOULD be able to eat whatever the hell we want – these reports demonstrate, it's necessary for human health. Mark my words, with all of the extra carbs and unhealthy, industrial vegetable fats like sunflower and rapeseed oil, plant-based Britain will be fatter and sicker than ever.

So a plant-based diet, requires extra vitamin pills just to make it healthy, it requires the consumption of mass produced junk food, which also isn’t cheap by the way, and it leaves women with weak hips, and delivers shorter children. Not a ringing endorsement, is it? Of course, if it's your life choice not to eat meat or indeed a religious or cultural reason, fair enough. I've got close friends who are vegans, and they love it.

But this is the culture of coercion, we've seen during the pandemic, in which choices that people make for themselves, are enforced upon the rest of us. Muzzling our faces with those worthless environmentally catastrophic masks. Locking us in our homes, stopping us from going out to work in the unproven hope, that lockdowns would stop Covid. Which of course they didn't. Pressurising people into taking a vaccine, that doesn't stop the spread of the virus, and which brings with it its own risks.

But here we are, in the age of coercion, in which unelected technocrats and an overgrown, profligate state, are now seeking to dictate, every aspect of our lives, including what we eat. Eventually, there will probably be a modern form of rationing, in which your ribeye steak will be weighed out buy a butcher, following government quotas. The state will decide what kind of boiler you use, how many lights go on in your house and what time of the day it's acceptable to have dinner, or make a cup of tea. This is not conspiracy folks. This is reality, as reported in the Telegraph last month.

Just a suggestion at this stage. But as we’ve learned recently, what starts as a suggestion, becomes an instruction. If you can't even decide when you have a bloody cup of tea, this isn't Britain anymore. Just a member of some hellish global confederation with our Prime Minister as a mere figurehead.

GB News is the people's channel and the only answer to all of this is people power. Peacefully and democratically of course. This gradual curtailment of our freedoms, including what goes on our plate, is a template they tried out during the pandemic, and with which they had unexpected success. So they'll keep doing it. The idea of bodily autonomy - whether it's what goes in your arm or indeed in your gob, will soon be a thing of the past, if it isn’t already.

So I say no to meat taxes – well raised meat, fish and eggs, should in fact be subsidised and made cheaper, to fix our health crisis. So I say no, to processed, plant based junk food. And no to our great British farmers, being bankrupted by these policies, or seeing their land being repurposed and sold off, rendering cows, sheep and goats, as rare a sight in the British countryside, as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. For as long as we're on this planet, we decide what we eat. I can't believe I'm even having to say this. But here we are.

For those that seek to destroy British farming, and make us weaker, sadder, fatter and sicker, with a diet which is inappropriate for human health, I say get your hands off my sausage. We’re not all sheep you know. You can pork right off.

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