Dan Wootton: You can take your Covid Plan C and shove it

The idea that our freedoms are yet again being traded away by the government makes me ill

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As the pressure on the government becomes ever more severe to implement the so-called Plan B to deal with Covid this winter in October, it now emerges the threat on our freedoms and civil liberties are even more severe than first thought.

The civil service, the doomsday scientists and the hysterical media are in lockstep over the need to lockdown again.

A reminder the previously announced Plan B involves dreaded mask mandates, work from home orders and vaccine passports.

But now The Daily Telegraph has revealed Cabinet Office officials are working on new proposals that they’ve dubbed Plan C which would see household mixing banned.

Seriously, how are we here again?

And why the hell does it seem the establishment want Covid restrictions to be a part of life forever more?

As the Prime Minister said today himself, 90 per cent of British adults have Covid antibodies.

Indeed, Boris. But I’m concerned because, if the past 20 months teaches us anything, it’s that when the media, SAGE and your advisers start to gang up on you, you fold in a flash.

If people want a booster shot, then fine, go right ahead. I encourage that. But the idea that our freedoms are yet again being traded away by the government makes me ill. And that’s exactly what we got from the Health Secretary yesterday.

We did our bit – got vaccinated as you assured us that was the ticket back to freedom. That’s not to say Covid doesn’t pose a threat – I’ve had it and, like the winter flu, it can be deadly, especially if you are very old or have underlying health conditions.

But let me clear: You can shove your Plan C.

I will never again allow the government to tell me what to wear, where I can go and who I can welcome into my own home. I have a feeling there are increasing numbers of you who feel the same.