Dan Wootton Tonight poll: British public want Harry and Meghan's Royal titles stripped

Dan Wootton Tonight conducted an exclusive scientific survey with One Poll

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Over the past week the Duke and Duchess of Woke have morphed into the King and Queen of Disinformation.

Little Miss Forgetful, as the Sun called her, has grown ever more deceitful after she was forced to offer a grovelling apology for misleading a British court in her case against the Mail on Sunday over the fact she HAD cooperated with the hagiography Finding Freedom, when she previously claimed the opposite in a witness statement.

And bombshell testimony from her former key adviser Jason Knauf revealed Meghan always believed the infamous letter she sent to her father Thomas Markle would be leaked – and she wrote it with the public in mind, even deciding to call him daddy to pull at the heart strings.

Her husband Prince Harry has been no better, claiming – very ironically at a disinformation summit – that Princess Diana was killed by the British Press, when numerous official inquiries have proven his great mother died because of a drunk driver and lack of a seatbelt in Paris, where not one member of the British press was present.

Last week on the show Thomas Markle suggested his own daughter may have committed perjury.

And today the verdict of the British public is in – and you back Thomas Markle, not Meghan, when it comes to the issue of honesty.

Dan Wootton Tonight conducted an exclusive scientific survey with One Poll to test how the court case has changed your view of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – and the results are fascinating.

Let me take you through them now.

When asked: Following the revelations in the legal case against Associated Newspapers Limited, do you generally believe Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, to be honest:

Just 34 per cent said yes.

55 per cent said no they do not believe her to be honest.

11 per cent didn’t know.

When the same question was asked of Prince Harry, the results were not a ringing endorsement for a Prince who was once voted one of the most popular members of the Royal Family - 41 per cent believe him to be honest compared to 39per cent who don't.

40 per cent of respondents say the revelations have made them trust Harry and Meghan less.

And, crucially, when asked: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement, "The revelations have prompted me to doubt previous statements made by Meghan and Harry”, 75 per cent of those polled say they either strongly agree or somewhat agree that it has.

Now let’s get to Meghan’s apology for misleading the court.

When asked, Do you believe Meghan's claim that she had "no intention to mislead" the Court of Appeal in her legal case against Associated Newspapers Limited?

55 per cent said no, they don’t believe her, 33 per cent say yes and 12 per cent don’t know.

So while it’s clear the courtroom revelations have been devastating for Meghan, our poll shows they’ve been very good for her father Thomas Markle.

40 per cent believe Thomas to be honest, compared to 23 per cent who don’t and 37 per cent who don’t know.

When asked whether they agree or disagree with Meghan’s father Thomas that his daughter was “trying to deceive” the Court, 63 per cent either strongly agree or somewhat agree. Only eight per cent either strongly disagree or somewhat disagree with Thomas’ claim.

And finally, the most devastating verdict of them all.

Do you think Meghan and Harry should be stripped of their royal titles following the revelations in their legal case against Associated Newspapers Limited?

52 per cent say their titles should be removed.

21 per cent say they should not and 27 per cent don’t know.

I’m not surprised.

The British public are smart – they know the Sussexes have distorted the truth, culminating in their delusional interview with Oprah Winfrey and courtroom apology.

Prince Harry’s moans about disinformation from the media is nothing but a diversionary tactic, which this poll shows we all see through.

And Meghan is doing all she can to divert attention from the case too making her return to showbiz with a cringe worthy appearance on Ellen tomorrow.