Dan Wootton: The mainstream media seem determined to segregate us

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If you haven’t noticed, the mainstream media seem determined to segregate us.

Following the revolting decision by the Austrian government to launch the world’s first lockdown exclusively for the unvaccinated, Covid hysterical broadcasters around the world have launched what amounts to a campaign to follow suit.

Under the guise of public health, they are actively encouraging a divided society where individuals lose their freedoms if they make what was previously considered an undeniable right: To choose what they put in their own body.

The drumbeat grows ever louder by the day in the media, which has embraced coronavirus restrictions with a weird fervour, as the sick experiment by Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to lock up two million citizens continues unabated.

Disturbingly, Germany – now battling a fourth Covid wave – has brought in similar measures that would see the unvaccinated banned from restaurants and sporting events in areas with high hospitalisation rates.

For months in France, the unvaccinated have been stopped from going to bars or restaurants under a strict vaccine passport scheme.

And, of course, the government here has already forced unvaccinated care workers to be sacked and is intending to introduce similar plans for NHS workers in April.

It’s very obvious how the compliant media feel about this form of health apartheid: They love it!

So we have the Jeremy Vine show asking…

“Should the UK impose a lockdown on those who haven't had the Covid vaccine? They've done it in Austria - and they're thinking about doing it in Germany! It means unvaccinated people can only leave their homes for work or to buy food. Do we need a similar rule here?”

Er, no we don’t, and the fact that you’re asking that question rather than examining the clear human rights violation going on in Austria is a disgrace.

And Good Morning Britain – the most hysterical and pro-lockdown of all British shows – has predictably followed suit, asking…

“Unvaccinated Germans could face lockdown within days as Covid cases surge, so with Boris Johnson refusing to rule out tighter restrictions ahead of Christmas, should we consider doing the same? Is it fair to lockdown the unvaccinated?”

Fair? Are you kidding me? Of course it’s not and an idiot could see that.

I blame the media normalising this form of segregation, rather than reporting on the outrage from everyday Brits who find it despicable.

That includes, by the way, those who are happily double vaccinated like myself who believe coercion and mandates are a slippery slope towards a biosecurity state where freedom of choice is removed.

Unfortunately, lots of free societies around the world that have become Covid paranoid hermit kingdoms are not helping.

So you have the Covid dictator of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern – who has illegally blocked one million dual Kiwi citizens like me from returning home to see our families for nearly two years – boasting about creating a two-tier society.

If these conversations in the media were honest and took into account factors like natural and T-cell immunity – the most powerful protection from Covid-19 – then maybe I could take them even slightly seriously.

But they don’t.

So here’s a newsflash to our broadcasters still desperately pushing the lockdown narrative: We are an 80 per cent vaccinated country, we believe in personal choice as a fundamental plank of our society, and Covid-19 is fast becoming endemic with a 0.096 per cent death rate that’s comparable to flu.

But a segregated society should never be the answer, no matter what the question.

History has taught us that.