Dan Wootton: The illegal migrant crisis is now a national emergency

The Prime Minister needs to live up to his promise to halt illegal immigration by stopping the boats

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The illegal migrant crisis is now a national emergency.

It puts the job security of the Home Secretary Priti Patel under threat – and perhaps, if he can’t turn it around fast, even the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

It undermines the security of the Conservative Party, with the possibility of a rival to the right emerging with devastating electoral consequences, just like UKIP and the Brexit party in the past.

It makes a total mockery of our legal immigration system.

But, most importantly above anything else, it puts the safety of the British public at risk – and that is totally unacceptable.

Over 25,000 illegals have made the journey across the Channel this year – three times the number who arrived last year.

And the small boat crossings are not going to stop into the winter, with 4,000 arriving this month alone, as despicable people smuggling gangs continue their dangerous trade.

Most come without any papers from France, meaning they immediately enter our failed asylum system that allowed the Liverpool bomber EH-MAD AL SWEL-MEEN to stay in the country illegally for seven years before he blew himself up in a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh was right when he declared the government had “lost control” of the crisis, as anger finally erupts in Westminster.

The government initially hoped the problem would go away.

Then it ludicrously relied on France, despite President Macron exploiting the crisis to punish post-Brexit Britain and boost his popularity at home.

There is now only one solution that must be implemented at speed: Offshore processing.

Within two years, it stopped the boats getting to Australia completely.

But it requires political nous, determination and a heck of a lot of will.

Perhaps the latest Telegraph opinion poll showing 77 per cent of voters who backed the Tories at the last election believe the government’s approach to managing Channel crossings is “too soft” will finally be enough to see Boris Johnson demand action.

He promised to get Brexit done and delivered.

Like my GB News colleague Nigel Farage I have been speaking out on the migrant crisis for well over 18 months, first in The Sun and on talkRADIO and then here on GB News and in my MailOnline column, as the rest of the broadcast media ignored the issue, hoping it would fade into obscurity post-Brexit.

How wrong they were.

Now The Prime Minister needs to live up to his promise to halt illegal immigration by stopping the boats.

Regardless of the usual nonsense being spewed by the Westminster bubble and mainstream media, that’s the way for Boris to secure his premiership