Dan Wootton: The British public know the smelly Insulate Britain mob are nothing but professional agitators

Dan Wootton
Dan Wootton

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Insulate Britain

I won’t celebrate Insulate Britain’s suspension of their campaign of eco-terrorism for the next 11 days.

These dangerous criminals have been forced to throw in the towel – for now at least – after suffering abject humiliation as a result of the rotten core of their campaign, which is plagued with hypocrisy.

While most of the broadcast media pander to these lunatics, I’ve been exposing what they’re REALLY about.

While our next King unbelievably says he has sympathy with their cause, the British public know this smelly mob are nothing but professional agitators.

Today’s preposterous open letter came just hours after my interview on this sofa last night with the organisation’s spokeswoman Gabby Ditton who reluctantly admitted she had no idea that her own home had a D rating for energy efficiency – despite demanding the government pay to insulate all social housing by 2025.

Gabby seemed like a very nice woman but she is delusional and completely out of touch with the reality of how the UK government has already committed to do far more to combat climate change than virtually every other country in the western world. Her humiliation followed that of the group’s ringleader Liam Norton, also here on Tonight Live.

Insulate Britain are charlatans. If they were Muslim extremists or anti-vaxxers, they would already be locked up. Today, rather than admitting complete defeat, they published a nonsensical letter making further demands of the Prime Minister…

“Ahead of Cop26, Insulate Britain will suspend its campaign of civil resistance until Monday 25 October. We invite you to make a meaningful statement that we can trust, a statement that the country wants to hear: that your government will live up to its responsibilities to protect us, to defend law and order; that your government will take the lead needed to insulate and retrofit our homes; that it will ‘get on with the job’ so families can feed their children and keep their homes warm.”

You couldn’t make it up! Could they be any more tone deaf? The suspension is too little too late for the woman whose stroke could not be treated as a result of being stuck on the way to hospital or those injured by the serious car crash which police believe may have been caused by their criminal activity.

Plus, as the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps responded: It’s meaningless if this is all going to begin again in 11 days. He tweeted…

“Sitting on roads & preventing everyone else from going about their lawful business is downright dangerous & counterproductive. Rather than apologising to the motorist now and returning in a week & a half, they must call off their reckless campaign forever!”

I agree. But Mr Shapps, it’s your responsibility to lock these people up before they cause deaths.

YouTube and Big Tech

Big tech censorship is one of the next battlegrounds facing the western world.

Their decision in the early days of Covid-19 to ban posts questioning whether the coronavirus was leaked from a Wuhan lab caused incalculable damage and implicated the media in one of the biggest cover-ups of all time by the Chinese Communist government.

Now censorship is impacting British politicians. Google-owned video sharing giant YouTube removed a speech by the experienced Tory MP and former Cabinet minister David Davis speaking out against vaccine passports.

It was a very good speech delivered during the Conservative party conference and uploaded to the website by the civil liberties group Big Brother Watch.

YouTube say they removed if for “medical misinformation” but wouldn’t say what for specifically. In the past few hours they've reinstated it, but only after a media outcry.

In a letter to Big Brother Watch, YouTube said…

“YouTube doesn’t allow claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization.”

Firstly, there’s nothing that Mr Davis said that even comes close to constituting medical misinformation.

Secondly, why the hell is it YouTube’s position to censor an elected British politician because they dare to speak up against the Covid orthodoxy of the World Health Organisation?The same World Health Organisation that failed in the early days of the pandemic and has been forced to change its advice time and again.

David Davis – who will be here later in the show – slammed YouTube’s claims about his speech, saying they are “potentially libellous”. And he added…

“This is an outrageous attack on free speech. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen blatant attempts by Big Tech to silence opposition voices challenging the conventional wisdom. This episode serves as a further example of the worrying trend of strangling free speech.”

Big tech companies in San Francisco should not be attempting to censor British politicians or journalists – it’s an outrage.