Dan Wootton: Someone is going to get killed if eco-terrorists Insulate Britain continue to run rampant

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Insulate Britain

Someone is going to get killed.

I’ve been warning for weeks that is the obvious conclusion if the eco-terrorists of Insulate Britain are allowed to continue to run rampant.

If this were a group of Muslim extremists or anti-vaxxers, I have absolutely no doubt they would have already felt the full force of the law.

However, because they’re fighting under the banner of the so-called climate emergency, we’ve seen a whole load of senior figures – even the next future king for God’s sake – sympathise with their cause.

But ordinary hardworking Brits are fighting back. Irate motorists dragged around 40 lunatics away today in a bid to clear the road at junction 31 of the motorway near Thurrock on the north side of the Dartford Crossing which links Essex to Kent – and even threatened to run them over.

And boy my sympathy is with that lorry driver simply trying to do his job and that mother attempting to take her young son to school. Eventually, Essex Police made 35 arrests.But it took far far too long for any semblance of order to be restored. The criminal activity began at 8.30am and the roads were not clear for three hours. In fact, intrepid GB News reporter Alice Porter was at the scene of the crime faster than law enforcement...

Is it going to take deaths for the Insulate Britain eco-terrorists to be locked up?

The police and government have been warned. We need to see action.

Sky News Environmental "Flooding"

Now you know I am an environmentalist.

I have campaigned on important issues about protecting the planet since I was a child growing up in New Zealand being told the ozone hole was about to cause immediate destruction.

But for that reason I deplore the unnecessary scare tactics and gutter journalism being used to terrify a new generation of children.

Especially when the UK is more than playing its part in the bid to drive down carbon emissions – now counting for less than one per cent of the world’s output, with a far too dramatic plan to get to Net Zero.

That’s why the scare monger merchants at Sky News have gone too far this time by dressing up a fictitious image of Buckingham Palace being flooded with three metres of water as serious news.

As the brilliant Guido Fawkes website pointed out:

"The only thing that is flooded is the report – flooded with misleading climate claims. The image used by Sky News shows water reaching near the top of the 3 metre high fence surrounding Buckingham Palace. According to elevation maps Buckingham Palace is itself some 17 metres above sea level, which means for the image to be a realistic representation of any scenario, the sea level would have to rise some 20 metres from where it is now. This is just not feasible, it is not scientific, it is fake news.

In fact, the website points out, predictions from reputable climate researchers suggest sea levels could rise by between 38 to 77 cm above the 1995 to 2014 average by the year 2100It’s critical we have a rational conversation about climate change and how much the UK is prepared to bankrupt ourselves, when the vast bulk of the damage is being done overseas, especially in China.

Hysterical reporting like this about Buckingham Palace being underwater isn’t just unhelpful, it’s damn well irresponsible.

Matt Hancock

Shamed Health Secretary Matt Hancock being hired by the United Nations to help Africa recover from the pandemic tells you everything you need to know about those in power looking after their own.

It’s mere weeks since Hancock made a mockery of the draconian rules he’d unnecessarily forced on all of us for 18 months – so he could cheat on his devoted wife.

But, like the vast majority of politicians, all he cares about is returning to power at any cost.

Hilariously, when announcing the role the UN’s Economic Commission for Africa pointed to the former health secretary's "success on the United Kingdom's response to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

I promise you that’s not a joke. No wonder we’re all losing faith in our political institutions.