Dan Wootton: Omicron is a pussycat that’s bringing this pandemic to a speedy end

The mainstream media have woken up to the fact there is ZERO justification for forcing our kids to wear masks for eight hours a day at school.

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It’s been another landmark weekend in terms of how the Covid obsessed who want forever restrictions and draconian controls on our lives wake up to the reality of Omicron: It’s a pussycat that’s bringing this pandemic to a speedy end.

The doomsday modellers have been forced to admit they got it hysterically and dangerously wrong when it comes to the scariant, just like I’d been warning for weeks.

The lockdown cheerleaders at the BBC devoted an entire episode of their Sunday Morning news show to learning to live with Covid. Only a year and a half too late, folks.

Doctor Clive Dix – the highly respected former chair of the UK Vaccines Taskforce who helped firms develop Covid vaccinations – dropped this truth bomb in The Observer newspapers of all places…

“Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.”

He went on to say Covid should now be treated as an endemic virus similar to the flu. Just as I’ve been saying for months.

The mainstream media have woken up to the fact there is ZERO justification for forcing our kids to wear masks for eight hours a day at school.

The UK Health Security Agency – run by Jennie Harries – has received a warning from the statistics regulator over Sajid Javid’s dodgy claim there had been 200,000 Omicron infections a day by mid-December.

And Javid himself was confronted by a hero doctor called Steve James at King’s College Hospital in London over his barbaric policy to sack unvaccinated NHS workers from later this year…

Even the lunatic communists within the Independent SAGE Group have admitted that, just like the Labour party, they got it spectacularly wrong to demand more lockdown measures pre-Christmas.

So finally, within government, serious conversations are taking place about how we can open up the economy once and for all.

To do that, I am convinced we must stop the long-term testing and isolation of the asymptomatic or life will never return to “normal”.

The left have erupted in horror to reports in The Sunday Times that this will also mean axing free lateral flow tests within weeks, only providing them on the state in in high-risk settings such as care homes, hospitals and schools, and to people with symptoms.

But that’s the best thing the government could possibly do.

How is it normal for the government to spend £6 billion to keep testing perfectly healthy folk?

Free tests – something not provided in the US or Australia or Ireland – have inflated our Covid case rate and allowed us to become a punching bag for the rest of the world.

Of course, all of this is bad news for a little Covid dictator like Mark Drakeford, who has done all he can to numb the Welsh people into terror over Omicron, by banning everything from going to a night club to running in a group outdoors.

Ludicrously, this bloke claimed Boris Johnson wasn’t protecting the English people.

Well, Mr Drakeford, the stats don’t lie. Wales has consistently had a higher case rate than England, including right now.

Your ridiculous restrictions are about fear and control, they DO NOT stop spread of the virus, you absolute lunatic.

In fact, England’s Covid rate is also now lower than Scotland.

According to figures published by Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish government, the nation had 2,824 cases per million people in the week to January 6, compared to England’s 2,615.

England is also much lower than Wales with 3,481 and Northern Ireland with 3,893.

That’s England that didn’t decide to slaughter the hospitality industry and plunge us into further lockdowns, even though Plan BS is still highly damaging.

Some of us have been wide awake for years now to the dangers of the sort of policy approach coming from Scotland and Wales – we’re fast being proved right.