Dan Wootton: If the Insulate Britain idiots can’t even change their own behaviour how dare they lecture the rest of us

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Insulate Britain

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about eco extremists over the past couple of years it’s that their personal actions never match their rhetoric.

So that’s why we see celebrity green campaigner Leonardo DiCaprio – a brilliant actor – making lengthy films about why we all need to cut carbon to save the planet, while he jets around the world to film jaunts on private jets. Harry and Meghan preaching about the need for us to adopt sustainable travel practices while they use a heady mix of private jets provided by rich friends like Elton John. Or Emma Thompson, the Extinction Rebellion actress, who flew back to a protest from the US first class eating beef carpaccio!

Remember, XR want to turn us all into pre-Victorian vegans who don’t travel outside our township.

So, of course, when we started looking into the eco-terrorists of Insulate Britain – who have been causing chaos and carnage on the M25 for the past month – it felt inevitable they were also going to be all talk, no action. I exposed their ringleader Liam Norton for not even bothering to insulate his own home, despite that being the exact issue they’re threatening the government over.

And now today it has emerged that another leader of the group who has been gleefully blocking the M25 has himself enjoyed epic carbon-generating international road trips. The MailOnline revealed that in the two years before his activism with breath taking hypocrisy ringleader Cameron Ford has indulged himself not once but twice in lengthy trips abroad.

They report: “He went on a 10,000 mile four month trip across the Atlantic and around Canada - then just months later on a 2,000 mile plus jaunt across much of Europe in an old diesel van. “The fossil fuels burned and the resulting carbon emissions generated by Ford’s two trips would have been more than double the entire annual carbon footprint a single person in many countries produces in an entire year.”

When contacted by the MailOnline today, he responded:

We're all hypocrites. As soon as I found out about the environmental crisis I ramped that right down. Let's report on the climate crisis. We're 95 per cent likely to miss the 2 Celsius global warming target – that's what journalists need to focus on, not trying to demonise us people who are trying to save that eventuality.”

What a pathetic argument. If the Insulate Britain idiots can’t even change their own behaviour, how dare they lecture the rest of us.

Callum Robinson

I’m becoming increasingly disturbed by the moral panic and witch hunt like aspect to the treatment of high-profile folk who have taken their bodily right to – for the moment – choose not to have the Covid-19 vaccine. Decisions of health are deeply personal and it’s our human right in Britain to make choices over what procedures we undertake, weighing up the risk. I’m a great risktaker when it comes to modern medicine. I embrace it and I was more than happy to be vaccinated, when I considered my personal circumstances, which no one should be forced to share publicly. And I won’t here. But I have full respect for folk who make a different decision, especially when it’s one based around natural immunity.

Look at the treatment West Brom footballer Callum Robinson received when pressed about his status at a press conference this week.

I think he dealt with the situation well, but he shouldn’t have been put in that position. As I’ve been saying on this show for weeks, in regards to England footballers and Strictly Come Dancing professionals, hectoring those who are vaccine hesitant as stupid or anti-vaxxers does nothing to get them to change their mind. In fact, quite the opposite. The discourse needs to change.

Isis Bride

Hot on the heels of Shamima Begum, another ISIS bride wants to get back into the UK. This time it’s former London Pizza Hut worker Nicole Jack who is in the same Syrian camp as Begum with her three children.

But as the Home Office pointed out in response:

"Our priority is to ensure the safety and security of the UK. Those who remain in Syria include dangerous individuals who chose to stay to fight or otherwise support a group that committed atrocious crimes including butchering and beheading innocent civilians.

"It is important that we do not make judgments about the national security risk someone poses based on their gender or age.”

I couldn’t agree with them more. Ms Jack made her choice. She joined the group responsible for the Manchester Arena Bombings that cost 23 lives, including eight-year-old Saffie-Rose Roussos.

And now she must suffer the consequences.